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Week 14
~ A Laid Back Week

Well, after a busy March - we had two glass shows back-to-back - it was nice to have a full week with nothing too stressful to do. I handed our tax information over to our accountant and that was truly a relief! Julia had Spring Break so she had a few play dates and Grandma and Grandpa took her for two days. Jeff and I enjoyed two entire evenings alone. Neither of us could remember the last time that happened. We didn't do anything exciting; took a walk around the block and watched TV together. It sure was nice!

I did a little maternity clothes shopping and got a fantastic deal at Land's End Outlet. I was returning a pair of pants and asked if they carried any maternity clothes. The sales girl replied that they'd just gotten their first shipment that day and they were on the front rack for 50% off! I got three summer tops, shorts, capris, and a pair of pants for $68. Later that week I went to Kohl's and got two more tops, a pair of Gaucho pants and I could not resist - a knit winter hat and mitten set for Baby. It's red with white snowflakes, kind of Scandinavian-looking. I showed Julia and she wants one exactly like it so she and the baby will match. She is too sweet.

Earlier in the week, I called my doctor's office to speak with her Nurse Practitioner. I really needed some clarification about the high-risk doctor's assessment the Thursday prior. His vagueness with me was apparently a professional courtesy for my OB because the nurse read his report over the phone.

  • I'm at risk for pre-term labor - not really a surprise there.

  • The post-operative report from my fibroid/uterine septum removal needs to be reviewed because I may not be a candidate for a vaginal birth.

  • I have a low-lying placenta and while it may move up, needs to be monitored and naturally, I need to follow all the precautions that my RE had given me.

Fortunately, I'd continued following all the precautions, but what if I hadn't because he didn't specifically tell me to continue them despite my asking him pointblank? He wanted to let my OB be the one to tell me because I'm her patient. This truly makes no sense to me, but I'm not going to dwell on it. It's just one of the many frustrating things about healthcare today.

Anyway, I was able to get the post-op report sent to them immediately; my doctor reviewed them and I got the go-ahead for a vaginal birth. Now, if only my placenta will cooperate. Fingers crossed about that. The high-risk doctor will reassess that at my Level II ultrasound in May.

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