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Week 15
~ A bit of this and that

Julia surprised us late last week announcing that she wanted to make a drawing for the baby. She got busy with her colored pencils and before long had something to show. She had drawn the baby in a blue (Is she predicting something?) sleeper with its arms raised. Two other arms were coming down. She explained that I was holding the baby's one hand and Jeff was holding the other. All around the baby were squares with letter stickers attached. These were baby blocks she explained. But where was she? I asked her this and she said she'd forgotten to add herself to the picture. She quickly drew another arm where she is handing the baby more blocks. Have I mentioned how much I love my girl?

Julia's drawing

I decided to indulge myself this pregnancy. The last time, I didn't place much importance on my bras. I just bought whatever was the cheapest and fit well and didn't give it another thought. That is until we were visiting my in-laws and decided to have a family portrait taken. Well, I nearly passed out from the shock! There I was looking awful in an oatmeal-colored top (not my best color), with next to no support and hanging pretty darn low. To say it was unflattering would be an understatement! I swore then and there, that I would get a good supportive bra for the next time.

So, I bought three fantastic bras from Victoria's Secret. I know that's not for everyone, but I like their bras generally so I figured I'd just buy from there again. They're from the new Intimissimi line; unbelievably soft with smooth cups. Perfect for some of the tighter fitting maternity tops. I got two in ivory and one in black.

On Wednesday, I had my first appointment with Karen, the Nurse Practitioner at my doctor's office. She's also an L&D nurse at the hospital so I may have her as my nurse too.

She did the routine checks including the baby's heartbeat, which was 140. I got the go-ahead to resume using my Claritin (Hooray! My allergies had really started making me miserable.) Then, we talked about future appointments, tests and the hospital where I'll go for labor & delivery. All my blood work looked fine including my iron, which had been low in December. I'd started taking a supplement, so it's nice to know it's working. She explained the high-risk doctor's cryptic talk from two weeks ago. Apparently newer studies have shown that even though Brethine reduces the pre-term contractions, if I were going to go into PTL it would have happened regardless. The meds are used to reduce the discomfort of the frequent contractions. I will attest to the fact that they were maddening. I'd stopped counting them to keep my sanity and when I actually went into labor, the nurses were puzzled when I couldn't tell them how frequently my contractions were occurring.

There is a test now that wasn't widely used seven years ago to detect if you're going to have PTL. It's called fetal fibronectin test. It's a swab of the vaginal secretions between 22 - 34 weeks. If the test shows a negative, it's very likely that you won't go into PTL for 2 weeks. I thought that was really interesting.

I want to tour the birth center (this isn't the hospital where I had Julia). They had the first birthing suite in the area and a Level III NICU (just in case). I'll let you know when I've seen it.

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