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Week 16
~ Baby Shower, Bee Balm and Barbie

I started the week off attending my cousin, Renee's first baby shower. They've been trying for a very long time to have a baby and after three miscarriages, her doctor finally discovered that she had a luteal phase defect which required progesterone. She's now due at the end of May. I remembered a little coincidence that I was pregnant with Julia at their wedding. Julia kicked her daddy's hand for the first time that night, too. Don't ask me how I remember that when oftentimes I can't remember what I had for breakfast.

Being at the shower, made me think of mine and then think of this baby, too. We don't really need that much this time. Actually, we didn't need that much last time either. Jeff's cousin Ginger lent us the baby crib, changing table and the family bassinette. Aunt 'Lie, Ginger, Jeff, Julia and now the new baby will all have used it. I love certain traditional things so I think that's kind of cool. They also gave us their buggy/stroller combination. That thing was built to take a beating. We finally ran it into the ground early last year. Ginger said they'd used it a lot and we used it even more. We took it to more flea markets and antique malls. I'd even replaced the wheels twice. It was thrown out in this week's trash because I couldn't imagine using it again for a wee little baby.

My bee balm is starting to come up in the garden and it has such a lovely mint-like smell. The weather last week was beautiful - in the seventies and sunny - and the plants are really starting to grow. I decided to start cleaning up the garden. Our yard is 205' deep and 73' wide. There's a lot of room for flowers and for the past 8.5 years, I've been working a lot on the back garden. I want as many perennials back there as possible so eventually it can be low maintenance.

Last year, I went on a clematis-buying spree. Home Depot had a huge variety of plants that flowered at various times during the season. I thought that might look really interesting along the very back of the garden on some whimsical trellises I'd found. I already had four back there and I bought seven more. There was only one casualty over the winter, which I'll replace. The four, original clematis had completely over grown their trellises so that was my first project before they sprouted any more leaves. They all got a pretty severe haircut, but especially the two Jackmanii. Once the garden gets more established, I'll post a photo. I really love digging around in the dirt.

This weekend I went to my first Barbie anything ever. Two kindergarten moms and their daughters along with Julia and I went to see Barbie Fairytopia. There was also a tea an hour before the show opened. It was Julia's second theater event. The girls looked adorable all dressed up. They each brought their Fairytopia Barbie with them to the show and it was fun to watch them mesmerized by the costumes and lights. The costumes were really beautiful. I've never been a huge Barbie fan, but I think we'll be getting tickets to Mermaidia.

Lastly, my friend Noreen is currently doing her 9th and final IVF cycle. She has a little boy from a FET (frozen embryo transfer) three years ago. Besides the IVF cycles, she's had several FET cycles, two which ended in ectopic pregnancies. I'd appreciate it if you could keep her in your thoughts and/or prayers.

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