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Week 19
~ The Bad, The Good, The Forgetful

The Bad

On Wednesday, I woke up feeling a little careless. I've been feeling rather well lately. The contractions have decreased and I haven't had any more spotting. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to have some "fun" with Jeff. A couple of hours later, to my fright, I began pinkish-red spotting. It was before 9am and my OB's office wasn't open, so I decided to have the doctor on-call paged. He called back, told me not to worry since I wasn't cramping and that it wasn't uncommon to bleed a bit after intercourse. He suspected a sensitive cervix, however, since the high-risk doctor was concerned about a low-lying placenta, he couldn't be sure. He recommended I contact the other doctor and try to have my Level II ultrasound that was scheduled for the 9th, moved up if possible. I was lucky they had a cancellation that morning at 11am.

The Good

I have never had to wait in this doctor's office before and this was no exception. They took me right into an exam room. The doctor immediately located the baby's heartbeat, which looked just fine. He examined the placenta and it was located 2cm above the cervix and would now be growing upwards according to him. My cervix was long and closed. That was a relief - no chance of placenta previa. Then he examined the baby from the "bottom up". I couldn't believe how he could locate all the physical structures and organs on the baby so easily. I know he does it day in and day out, but I was amazed. He was pointing out the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and pancreas. I just stared at the screen mesmerized. Another relief, too - there were no markers for any genetic abnormalities.

He said the baby is 9.5" from head to heel and weighs approximately 13 oz. I got some photos of the baby's foot, a frontal facial view and two profiles for the scrapbook. And no, we aren't going to find out the baby's gender! We want to be surprised like we were for Julia's birth.


The Forgetful

Pregnancy brain is starting! As you know, my MIL was visiting during the past week. Last Friday, I completely forgot that Julia had Italian class in the afternoon. I'd discussed it earlier with Barb. I told her I wanted to stop off at the hospital for a blood test. And after all that, Jeff called and asked if we wanted to go to an antique show. That was it - POOF! Completely forgotten.

Then on Wednesday after my little "scare," I totally forgot Julia had Little Picasso art class through our park district that afternoon! I'm hoping that since Barb has gone home, I'll get back on autopilot. This is the really unnerving part about pregnancy for me.

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