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Week 23
~ Memorial Day Weekend

We spent a relaxing weekend at my parents' cottage in Wisconsin. Julia finally got a "big girl" bike. Up until now, she has been riding a tiny preschool-sized bicycle. She is a bit tall, so every time I see her go down the sidewalk I cringe. She is hunkered over that thing; it looks like a clown bike! The new bike has 20" wheels so it's a little big for her. I didn't realize there was an in-between size which all of her neighborhood friends have mastered on two wheels. Naturally, she's a bit apprehensive so after some practicing, Jeff came in with scratched up legs. Poor guy!

Jeff went to a flea market on Sunday, which was a disappointment in the glass-buying department. The positive result was that he returned home early. In early May, my parents gave us a monetary anniversary gift to spend on a couple of trees, so we went to a local nursery/greenhouse and purchased two apricot trees; a Sungold and a Moongold. I'm so excited to get those planted in our side yard! They are cold hardy, which is good because our winters (although they've been mild) can be pretty harsh. They also bloom a little later in spring so it's likely the blossoms won't be killed by a late frost. Hopefully, they'll be delivered and planted in the next two weeks.

Baby has been getting more and more active. I am enjoying those movements so much right now. They aren't very uncomfortable and oftentimes tickle. I can even see my belly move at this point which makes me laugh out loud sometimes. I try to let Julia feel the baby move as often as possible, but that little bug likes to make a couple of kicks and by the time she has a hand on my belly, it stops. Once I made the comment that the baby was being sneaky and Julia said, "Mamma, I'm calling the baby Swiper the Fox!" For those that don't know, that's a character from Dora the Explorer. Julia speaks and sings to the baby often using her "secret-ma-phone" aka my belly button! I've been trying to listen for the baby's heartbeat using my stethoscope, which has proved a difficult task. The other day I was rewarded (once in I don't know how many tries!), by hearing that fast little thump-a-thump-a-thump! It really took me by surprise and then as fast as I heard it, it scooted away. I think Julia's on to something calling this baby Swiper.

Looking forward, I have my 24-week appointment next Wednesday. The doctor is planning to see me every other week and do the fFN test each time. Hopefully, that will come back negative and I can continue with normal activities no matter how many contractions I have. Fortunately, I've not had nearly as many this time as I did with Julia. That has come as a great relief because I had my first hospital visit with her at 23 weeks. Jeff thinks it's because I've been taking it easier this time than last. I'm wondering if my fibroid and uterine septum removal had anything to do with it. I guess we'll never know, but why ask why, right?

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