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Week 24
~ * Whew * Breathing a Sigh of Relief

My fFN test came back negative! I am so relieved. It's nearly 100% certain that no matter how many contractions/Braxton Hicks I get, I won't go into pre-term labor. My appointment went really well. I received a requisition for my one-hour glucose test to be scheduled for the first week of July. Baby's heart rate was still in the 140s. After gaining 18 lbs in 21 weeks, I lost 3/4 lbs. I wasn't trying to lose and in fact, I haven't been really focused on weight gain. I just wondered how long I could go on gaining.

Basically, I've been eating when I feel hungry and trying to make healthy choices for the most part. Even though I felt queasy in my first trimester, I was never sick and keeping my stomach full helped, so I wasn't surprised to see a weight gain from the beginning. In the past couple of weeks, I haven't felt as hungry so I haven't been eating as frequently and it showed. The day after my appointment, I made the mistake of buying two quarts of ice cream. Jeff and I have been having a nightly bowl.

If I remember correctly, I gained about 35 lbs total with Julia. I nursed her for a long time, too. That's an extra 500 calories per day for milk production. I took full advantage of that! I plan on doing the same this time.

Also, I set up an appointment to visit the hospital's birthing center for July 5th. Julia will be able to come with us. I was also able to schedule her for a Sibling class on July 24th. She's excited, but she told me that she already knows how to be a big sister because she's been practicing with her friends' younger brothers and sisters.

Speaking of Julia, my girl is a big 1st grader now! Next year, she'll be going to school for a full day. I just can't believe how quickly time is passing. I'm glad that I have the new baby coming to take my mind off of it. I know some Moms get emotional about kindergarten, but that really didn't bother me. Julia's preschool schedule had been really similar, so it didn't bother me. Being gone for the full day will be a little bit different.

I have been getting into more of a nesting mood lately. Not just related to the baby, but all around the house. Our apricot trees came and were planted today. I'm so excited for that. Our city planted a tree in our parkway: a Golden Raindrops Crabapple. A section of our curb that's been missing for two years will finally be repaired. I always laugh to myself at the things that make me happy now. Trees, repaired curbs, who'd of thought?

Inside the house, we need to move Jeff's glassware collection down to the guest bedroom. That room needs to be repainted so I've gotten things set up with a painter and I've had an Elfa closet organizer put together from the Container Store. Currently, all of my scrapbooking and stamping equipment is up in the baby's room and I want to have a permanent place in the new closet.

This gets me thinking about stamping the birth announcements! I'd better stop while I'm ahead here. LOL!

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