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Week 25
~ Our Working Vacation

Jeff's hobby is collecting elegant depression glassware. It started when his grandmother split her set of crystal between three grandchildren. I was the one most interested at first, but once he got involved . . . LOOK OUT! We've been collecting for approximately 10 years so we've gotten quite a collection. In an effort to support our "habit," we've started selling other manufacturers' glassware at a few shows throughout the year.

Every year in June, we head off to Central Ohio to participate in a glassware convention and sale. This year was a little interesting because of being pregnant. Setting up and taking down a show is a lot like packing up and moving all your fragile items in three days. We usually have between 30-40 66-quart Rubbermaid tubs. This year I tried hard not to overdo it and sit while unpacking and wrapping, however, my back was really starting to hurt and it felt better when I stood up. On set-up day, I'm guessing from 8am - 5pm, I stood up approximately 2/3 of that time.

I was feeling tired, but I'd been very meticulous about drinking my water and staying hydrated. We went to dinner and I thought I was in the clear. Well, I was wrong. I stood up to go to the bathroom and I got a painful contraction. Once in the bathroom, I got another; on the way back to the table, a third. And so it went for a few hours. I would get a contraction probably every 3-4 minutes. Fortunately due to that negative test, I was able to stay cool-headed about it. We returned to the hotel, I put my feet up, drank water and watched TV. Each time I got one, I kept reminding myself the test was negative. Finally, that cycle broke and didn't return. You can bet, I took it much easier on pack out day.

While in Ohio, I took the opportunity to purchase a wallpaper border for Julia's room. For the past few months, she can't stop talking about how she wants a jungle theme painted in her room. Jeff can draw, but typically colored pencil on illustration board. I think the last time he used paints was in college. We discussed getting a border instead and Julia agreed. She chose Jungle Safari. The local paint store's price was 25% off the regular price. When I looked online, I found one at 45% off in Sandusky, OH, which was right on our way. So even though I was on "vacation," I could still continue nesting. I have to say, if felt good!

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