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Week 26
~ Cherry pies and bee balm! Summer's here!

You can always tell it's summertime over here. My bee balm begins blooming beautiful fuchsia-colored flowers and my neighbor Larry starts making his cherry pies. We live three houses away from them and their son and daughter (twins) play almost daily with Julia. His wife has mildly complained to me about his "habit" because I think her kitchen ends up being a sticky mess after he's been working in there. He makes 15 or 16 pies during a two-week span. But it can't be too bad because she is always looking up other cherry recipes to try.

I knew it was going to be a banner year for him because I could see the tree looked rather red from my kitchen window it was so loaded down with cherries. We got our first pie last week and it was beyond fantastic. It was so delicious, I had to talk myself out of having a piece for breakfast! My Wednesday OB appointment with the scale kept me in check - this time!

I did have the nerve to ask for another one though and I'm freezing that one for when my mother-in-law visits in July. When I spoke to her earlier in the week, I mentioned the cherries were getting ripe and she immediately said, "I had one of his pies!" Additionally, he gave me eight cups of cherries to freeze because I'd like to try a cherry cobbler.

My appointment was uneventful - no complaints here. I gained 4 lbs. That's 18 lbs total according to their records from 12 weeks forward. I think it's more like 22 lbs because I've been calculating since I got my + hpt, but I don't think it's a bad gain. My fFN came back negative again so that made my day. I'm happy to report no further episodes of regular contractions. Yay!

In the past two days, I've had an annoying little symptom crop up. My hands and feet have started swelling; just ever so slightly, but enough for me to notice. Ugh! Jeff points out that I'm on my feet more than he is. For the most part he's correct, but I'm feeling rather antsy and nesting-like. I've got two big projects that are weighing heavily on my mind.

The first is that I'll be moving my scrapbook and stamp supplies to the downstairs guest closet and currently, they are unorganized. My photos are organized within their original developing envelopes, but that's it. This coming week, I'll be getting the Elfa organizer and very soon the room will be painted. It won't take Jeff very long to install the organizer and I'd like to have things semi-organized and put them in their place. Then I can turn my sights to the baby's room.

Secondly, (and this is very embarrassing) I have filing from at least four years that hasn't been done. I dislike filing to begin with and four years ago we had an addition put on that really tore up our house. On top of that, I had a lot of fatigue due to undiagnosed hypothyroidism. To say I was unmotivated to do that task was an understatement. Well, the bills and paperwork never stopped coming, of course, and the horizontal piles inside the filing cabinet got bigger and more intimidating. Finally, late last year, I couldn't fit another piece of paper into that cabinet. A small pile was started in front of the cabinet and I realized that the whole situation was beyond ridiculous. Now that I've got this wonderful nesting motivation, I absolutely must tackle this job. I started it on Saturday. I don't know how long it will take, but I will get it done!

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