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Week 27
~ Progress is happening

We're making slow, but steady progress with our nesting projects. We've selected our paint colors: Capri Coast which is a light beige for the walls and Peanut Shell which is a warm brown for all the wood trim. Our painter is scheduling us in when it rains and he can't work on his outdoor projects. So far, we've had very good weather, so the room hasn't been painted yet.

This particular project like so many others before seems to have snowballed once we got started. The room we're working on is our guest bedroom, so it has a queen-size futon in there. It has always been oversized for the room, but it's worked for the past eleven years. Well, now it's time to say "Good-bye, futon!" and "Hello, sofa sleeper!" I found a perfect one at JC Penney's that isn't oversized. I wish I could link it, but they don't have it online. It has very smooth lines and exposed legs. It reminds me of a 40s and early 50s style.

I picked up the closet organizer, too. I've been really tempted to put the drawer unit together and start sorting and organizing my stamping supplies. Anything to get out of filing! LOL! Ah, yes, the filing. Well, big surprise that I haven't done a thing with it since I last started sorting it into workable piles. Not to worry, though. This is the one project that is bothering me more than the others to actually complete. I will get back to it.

Julia's schedule has been keeping me busy this summer, too. Swimming - Monday through Thursday mornings; gymnastics - Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; and Italian class - Monday afternoons. The rest of the time we're either doing something or she's outside playing with the neighbor children.

As the week comes to a close, we're looking forward to spending a few days at my parents' cabin in Wisconsin for the 4th of July.

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