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Week 28
~ The 4th of July, bike riding and Braxton Hicks

We spent a relaxing time at the cabin. Actually, we did do a little project for my folks, too. It started out small enough and naturally, turned into something bigger.

First of all, it was incredibly hot (near 90 degrees) and humid! We stopped for some lunch at an apple orchard with a farm animal petting area. Julia loves that place so while she fed the goats, Jeff and I sat on a shaded porch swing. I was starting to feel a little warm, but mostly my back was starting to bother me on the swing. I just couldn't get into a comfortable position. I also noticed some swelling in my hands and feet so we left.

We made a stop at the local supermarket to get a few supplies. For some reason Jeff seemed puzzled about what to do with the cart and which aisle to go down. So he just stood there in a main aisle. In the meantime, people and their carts are coming from the other direction. An elderly man kept trying to make it through and there my belly and I were, lodged between the carts! That's where I lost it and became ultra cranky, shoving the cart down any aisle just to get out of the main thoroughfare. It was this sudden sensation of "let's just get the stuff and get out of here!" I usually like grocery shopping, but that day, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Things got better from there, but I was a little surprised by my reaction.

The project we decided to do was clean up the patio blocks. There were a lot of weeds and moss growing between them, so Julia and I began cleaning that up. After we started, I realized that my parents hadn't cleaned them in several years. They're in their mid-70s and not really feeling like doing all that much home maintenance. So, I suggested that we get some sand and spread it after we'd cleaned up the space around the blocks more thoroughly. Well, that wasn't the easiest job in the world. To add an extra degree of discomfort, the mosquitoes were ravenous. We survived, the patio looks great and my parents were thrilled.

We headed back home on Monday night to avoid the heavy traffic on the 4th and so we could go to our town's parade. During the day, Julia finally got the hang of riding her bike. Not the new one, but her tiny toddler bike without training wheels. She is just too apprehensive to try the bigger one. She has always been a cautious child, even when learning to walk. It's interesting to see how that pattern continues as she's gotten older. After dinner, we went to a neighbor's house for dessert and fireworks.

On the 5th, I went to a continuing education course to maintain my Occupational Therapy license. I came prepared with my water bottle and naturally, sat for most of the six hours. So, why did I start having Braxton Hicks from mid-afternoon until 9:30pm? I have no earthly idea, but they were annoying and a little nerve-racking. I began timing them and some were four minutes apart, some eight minutes and then a half hour stretch.

Finally, they eased up before bed and fortunately, I had an OB appointment scheduled for the next day. I met a third doctor in the practice and he was able to check my cervix. Everything looked fine despite several hours of contractions the day before. My fFN was negative, my blood pressure was in a good range and Baby's heart rate was in the 140s again. I'm scheduled to do the one-hour gestational diabetes test on Saturday. Fingers crossed for that one.

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