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Week 29
~ Gestational Diabetes

Well, this is a great way to start off the week. I failed my one-hour glucose test. I got a 187 and the top of the range they use is 140. The nurse said that my doctor will be back on Thursday and she wasn't sure if she'd have me take the 3-hour test or just treat me as if I have gestational diabetes. If anyone is reading my journal and been through this, I'd appreciate any and all input. Thanks! I'll follow up once I speak to my doctor on Thursday.

I forgot to mention last week that we took a tour of the hospital's birthing unit. It looks nice, but Jeff and I were a little disappointed. We're spoiled because the birthing unit at the hospital closer to us and where Julia was born has combined L&D and postpartum suites. You never have to leave the room. At the hospital I'll use this time, they have L&D suites and then after a one-hour recovery, you're moved to a postpartum unit. All in all, I think it will work out just fine though.

It's a done deal.

The gestational diabetes (GD), that is. The nurse called back on Friday and said that since I'm at 30 weeks, my doctor wants to treat it like GD. I asked her what my 1 hour GTT had been with Julia and it was 102, so there is definitely a problem.

I want to preface this by saying that I want a healthy baby and I will do whatever is necessary to achieve that. However, I'm so disappointed with this. Believe it or not, after all my IF treatments and needles, I am freaking out about having to check my blood sugars daily (possibly twice daily). I keep telling myself that thousands and tens of thousands of people with diabetes do this every day and no one is worse for wear over the needle sticks. For crying out loud, my PIO shots were really painful and I'm sure this is nothing like that at all. I'm just having some flashbacks to HS biology when we were testing our blood types. Not only could I not stick myself, one of my lab partners screamed out to the teacher that I was turning green.

Anyway, along with my OB appointment this week, I'll be meeting with the nurse practitioner to discuss the monitoring and get my meter and also with a dietician to discuss food choices etc. Fortunately, Jeff and I did the Weight Watchers program several years ago. We decided to make permanent lifestyle changes with our eating habits. Granted I've been a little lax with the sweets, at least I won't be learning something completely foreign.


How's the filing going? Well, although slowly, it's going. I've separated the stacks into groups. I've gone through two groups and weeded out what needs to be shredded. The guest room still hasn't been painted. I haven't been able to get anyone to repair the drywall. A large section was mismatched to the original lathe and plaster wall so it's bowed. We won't be able to attach the shelving track to that part of the wall, so I'd like to get it fixed and be done with it. I've also ordered a storm/screen door for our back door. I'm so tired of all the flies and bugs that get inside when Julia and her friends forget to close it behind them. It's funny that it took a baby coming to get us to complete some of the odd jobs left over from our addition four years ago.

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