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Week 30
~ Trypanophobia

Well, there's no getting around it. I am needle phobic. On Friday morning I went for my instruction at the Diabetic Education Center. The nurse discussed the medical aspect of gestational diabetes and it's impact on pregnancy - mainly for the baby. I have to POAS every day to check for ketones (a form of acid produced when you are burning fat - usually if you don't eat enough, have sufficient water or excess protein) and then she gave me my monitor and I got to stick myself. The needle is only about 1/8" long and really thin. It's hurt worse when I've accidentally stuck myself with a sewing needle. My blood sugar was 94 after breakfast (supposed to be under 120) so that was good. Then we reviewed dietary changes. I have to keep a log and meet with a dietician next Friday to go over it.

I felt pretty confident when I left the hospital and I've stuck myself 11 times since Friday (actually the total is 15 if you count when I had to redo it because there wasn't enough blood to register on the monitor - four of those were this evening!) The anxiety has reduced some, but not completely. On Saturday morning, I woke up with a little black cloud over my head thinking about having to take my fasting sugar first thing. This evening I thought things were going well, but by the time I was on the fourth attempt, I wasn't very happy. There's obviously a lot of trial and error involved in this. Actually, one of the women on my Stork Deliveries forum at StorkNet told me I should just tell myself it isn't really a needle. It's a pin because a pinprick is much simpler. I like that way of thinking.

My blood sugars have been in the correct range except for Friday evening when we went out for sushi and then my fasting sugar Saturday morning. It was slightly elevated, but I was concerned so I called the Diabetes Center. I know there was probably some hidden sugar in my meal (the rice used in sushi usually has some sugar in it and I'd had Gome Ae, which is spinach with a sesame peanut sauce on it). I'm betting that had more sugar than I thought too. It was a little unnerving though that my body hadn't metabolized it overnight and it was still high in the morning. The woman I spoke to seemed to know the problem immediately. Had I had my 30g carbohydrate snack before bed? Yes. Had I had some protein with it? No. She told me to make sure I had enough protein for breakfast and not to worry unless I had consistently high readings. Sure enough, my numbers were in the correct range after breakfast. I'm really amazed at how foods are interacting with each other and how they affect blood sugar.

Speaking of food, it seems like I'm constantly eating. I have to eat three meals and three snacks per day. I'm allowed 30g of carbs per snack and breakfast and 60g of carbs each for lunch and dinner. There's no question about it that I loved carbs better than protein. Another thing I've found frustrating is the constant scheduling of meals and blood checks. I need to check it first thing when I wake up. Then I have to eat immediately (I was a breakfast dawdler) because two hours later, I have to check my blood, then I eat my snack and about two or three hours later I have lunch - which means I'm having to get up in the morning earlier so that my lunch coordinates with Julia's. Then two hours later, it's another stick, followed by my second snack and so on through dinner and my last snack.

One area I'm not having too much difficulty with is picking from a variety of foods. The diabetes nurse gave me a list of foods that are worth 15g so I've been choosing from that, but I have done Weight Watchers in the past and it feels really similar to their program. I keep a log and I monitor portions.

Although this entry feels like a lot of griping, I'm really glad that I can do something to keep Baby healthy. I had an OB appointment on Thursday that went well. My blood pressure was good somewhere around 110/60, baby's heart rate was 140 and I was down 1/2# (two weeks ago I was up 4# so it's all coming out in the wash). We talked about what having gestational diabetes means for pregnancy and the baby. I'll be getting NSTs every week starting at 34 weeks. I'll have a final ultrasound at 36 weeks to assess the baby's weight and size and placental function. They won't induce me unless size is an issue, but they won't let me go past my due date. My fFN test was negative, but I got a call the next day that my culture came back positive for Gardnerella bacteria. I need to insert an antibiotic gel for five days to clear that up. I keep telling myself that things could be way worse, and they could.

Anyway, I've made good headway on the filing. I'm probably 2/3 completed, but while I was sorting, I realized that there was a missing pile. I didn't have documents from 2000 and 2001. I found them this afternoon, so I'm not quite as finished as I thought, but I'm much further ahead than I was last week. My mother-in-law is visiting us on Tuesday through Sunday, so I don't know how much more I can do. I had intended to have it all done by her visit, but I don't think it will be. That's ok. It'll be done very soon!

My dry wall repair is nearly completed! I'm so excited about that. He comes back tomorrow morning to apply a bit more "mud" and will return in the afternoon to sand and reattach the wood trim. The painter will be here next week. I can't wait to get this project completed so we can start moving the glass down from the baby's room!

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