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Week 32
~ Just a little nervous

Thirty-two weeks marks the time when I dilated and was put on bed rest with Julia. I've been just a little nervous as this date was approaching. Well, it came and went without any trouble. I went in for my 32-week appointment with Karen the NP and she said my cervix looked great while she was swabbing for my fFN. The test came back negative again and it may be my last one according to her. That would be a relief!

My blood pressure was great at 100/60 and she was pleased with my glucose numbers. Also my uterus measured right on target so I'm not getting too big. Speaking of too big, I remained steady at 170 pounds. Wow! I can't even believe I'm talking about myself. I've never weighed this much in my life. So far I've gained 28 lbs and I'm not too concerned about it. I will breastfeed this baby so I'm anticipating getting down to my pre-pregnancy weight pretty easily. I like the fact that I can consume 500 more calories per day just because I'm producing milk. Can you tell I love to eat?! Actually, I'd like to get down to about 10 lbs less. That's where my pre-pregnancy weight was before Julia. When Julia stopped nursing, I never stopped the extra 500 calories nor did I resume my regular exercise on our Nordic Track.

I also had my first non-stress test. I'd had it done in the hospital with Julia during my pre term labor episodes, but I guess I didn't realize what it was for or had forgotten it. Naturally, it was during Baby's quiet time so I was there for a bit. I'll be getting one done every week to monitor how my placenta is functioning. I'll also go back to the maternal-fetal medicine MD for a last ultrasound at 36 weeks to assess placental functioning as well. Apparently, I'm at risk for a decrease in function not only because of my age, but the gestational diabetes as well.

I forgot to mention that my mother-in-law and I went shopping for baby items while she was here. That was fun. Actually, it was more of a research mission for items. Jeff does freelance work for someone who does websites for various baby stores. I need to provide him with a list of things we're interested in and he'll see if he can get them at cost. I'd love to save a little money on these things. I decided on this bedding set called Little Dipper. The baby's room has peach colored walls and a sage carpet. I'd also like two strollers: a Compass carriage/stroller and Chicco's London stroller. We had a combination stroller/carriage with Julia and used it a lot. The umbrella stroller was really great when she was a bit older. For an infant car seat, I'd like the Graco SnugRide with Family Tree fabric.

Our weekend was really busy. We set up at a local glass show. I took it easy, but did more work than I expected. I managed well and didn't get excessive contractions, so that was a relief. We have one more glass show at the end of the month and then we're done for the season. I really wish this past week's show had been the last. I'll be 35 going on 36 weeks. Just a little too close for comfort. When we got home, there was a message from the painter. He'll be coming over on Wednesday and Thursday to paint the guest room and put up Julia's jungle border. I'm so excited! We can finally start removing the shelving and glassware. Our neighbor took the old futon so we're ready to go. It'll be a couple of more weeks before the sofa sleeper arrives, but that will be perfect timing.

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