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Week 33
~ Moving right along

The painting is done and the closet organizer is up! I'm so excited! The room looks so much better with a different color paint. I can't believe the difference. Now we're just waiting on the sleeper sofa. I called JC Penney today to get a status and it has left the manufacturer and is headed for Milwaukee. The irony is that we are just outside of Chicago and on the way up to Milwaukee. I'm willing to bet that sofa will pass very close to our house and continue to Wisconsin only to have to come back again. It should get there in 7-10 days and then a couple of days later it will be delivered to us so we're looking at the very end of August. Then we can make a final decision where it will go in the room and Jeff can finally start taking down the shelving.

I'll be able to start moving the scrapbooking and stamping stuff as soon as I finish up with the filing. I know, it's totally embarrassing admitting this over and over about what a monumental task it became. A word of warning: whatever you do, don't do what I did. It was the biggest mistake ever, but I've almost overcome it. I actually have four topics left to file: home maintenance which I may break out into two, health insurance, our antiques business which is small and a file for Julia related to school and park district classes.

I ordered a glider and nursing ottoman from Babies R Us. I know, probably not the most cost efficient, but it was an exclusive style to their store (I already called Shermag to see if I could find it elsewhere.). The fabric is called Sage Boucle - a really nice green and the wood is a golden brown color. I think it will work well in the baby's room and also in our TV room when Baby and I are done with it. That should arrive in about seven days.

Julia and I did something fun on Wednesday. We had professional photos taken of the "three" of us as a surprise for Jeff. I think the last time I had professional photos taken was at my wedding - 13 years ago. She was using a digital camera so we got to see the photos right away and determine whether eyes were closed or it was a pose we didn't like. The photos should be ready for viewing in another week online. I can't wait and Julia is pretty excited about it, too. The photographer, Karen, was a sweetheart and took photos of Julia which she didn't charge for. My girl is such a ham! Karen let her come up with some poses and made Julia feel really special.

I had my second NST done on Friday. Julia came with me and I'd tell her when to push the button every time I felt the baby move. I have to do a better job of scheduling my NSTs during Baby's active time. It became a little tedious for Julia to have to wait since Baby wasn't as active as he/she is at other times during the day. Everything looked fine so that was good feedback to get. I'm scheduled for another next Thursday and I meet with the fourth and final OB at the office.

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