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Week 34
~ An odd ending to an uneventful week

I saw the fourth and final doctor in my OB practice on Thursday. So far they all seem really nice. She did the NST first and although Baby had been wide-awake on the ride to the office, he/she was sound asleep during the test. No amount of a snack or ice water was going to stir this wee one, so they had to use a little buzzer to wake Baby up. It looks like a little flashlight and it makes an odd buzzing noise after they press it to your abdomen. Well, Baby was not happy about that. Actually it reminded me of Julia when I kiss her too much at night when I'm going to bed. She'll start swatting me away. Baby gave a good kick and rolled over going back to sleep. LOL They gave a second buzz and had me recline a little more. Then Baby got active and we were able to get a good reading.

I had my last fFN test which was negative. She took a swabbing for Group B strep which hopefully will also be negative. It was positive with Julia, but I'm hoping it reversed itself. Fingers crossed on that one. She said my cervix appeared closed so she didn't check it. They are pleased with my blood glucose levels. Hooray! And my blood pressure was 110/60. So things look good. I've scheduled all my NST's now through September 20th. That felt weird!

Overall it was a fairly uneventful week, and I'm not complaining at all. I finally completed all that filing!!! It feels like an enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can start on bringing down all my stamping and scrapbooking supplies to the new closet. And JC Penney's called to schedule delivery of the new sofa for next Tuesday. I wish it were sooner, but it's sooner than expected so I'm choosing to be grateful. With the sofa in place, Jeff can start bringing the shelving down and we can finally get things ready in the baby's room.

Something a little unnerving happened over the weekend. I didn't drink all my water on Friday (only 7 glasses, usually I have around 10) and on Saturday and Sunday, I started having more frequent Braxton Hicks. TMI coming up next ~ ~ on Sunday, I think I lost a pea-sized bit of the mucus plug. Now I can't stop thinking that I've started dilating because that's what happened with Julia. I'll be calling the OB's office Monday morning.

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