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Week 35
~ No! No! It's too soon!


Well, the OB's office said that since Baby has been moving well and my Braxton Hicks have subsided, I should monitor them. If they occur every ten minutes or less for two hours, I need to either go to the office or the hospital to get monitored. Otherwise I have another appointment scheduled for Wednesday.

Julia and I made a stop at Hobby Lobby because all rubber stamps are 1/3 off. I would like to make my baby announcements, so I thought I'd see what they had. I took it very easy and walked really slowly, but those Braxton Hicks were creeping up on me. They even hurt a bit. Naturally, the stamps are all the way in the back. I could not wait to get out of there and back home. I just started to feel nervous. TMI ~ I also noticed that my cervical fluid had increased and seemed a little darker yellow than usual.

After lunch I did some laundry and started bringing some stamping/scrapbook supplies downstairs - just light stuff. No problems with excessive Braxton Hicks although I had some. Baby has been moving around like usual, too.


More TMI coming up ~ around 4am I checked after going to the bathroom and there was blood-tinged mucus. Not a ton of blood, but similar to AF start up - no contractions though. I spoke to the doctor on-call and he told me to monitor the contractions and to go to the hospital if they become rhythmic or if I start bleeding more heavily. Also I'm to call the office at 9am to see if my regular doctor wants to see me.

I just spoke with the nurse and she said my doctor is out until Thursday. The plan for now is push fluids and take it easy. I'll keep my appointment tomorrow unless the contractions increase for one hour (because of my preterm labor history and fast delivery) or more blood shows up. Then I'm to go straight to the hospital to be monitored.


Well, as of this morning, the mucus plug is completely gone. I can't even imagine what is going on in there. Actually, I can and I don't want to think about. I saw the doctor this afternoon - the one I awakened at 4am. He has a good sense of humor and was teasing me about that. He checked me internally and I am NOT dilated - visually or when he felt my cervix. His suspicion is that my cervix has softened, but he didn't want to push on at all - thankfully! He said there's no way to tell how soon I'll have the baby. It could be today, tomorrow, next week. I'm to take it easy at home, "no walking around the stores at all." In fact, he didn't call it bedrest, but he was encouraging me to watch TV in a horizontal position - all day. Everything else is just fine and he loved my blood glucose numbers, so I'll focus on that. Also, I made my 36-week ultrasound appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor for Monday. I hope I make it to Monday.

I'm not worried about having an early baby - Julia was born at 37 weeks, but my doctors were telling me that a baby with a GD mom is more likely to have less developed lungs. Julia was 6 lbs 8 oz with good Apgars. I'd also had two series of steroid shots with her (aids in lung development) at 23 weeks and again at 32 weeks. I'm just thinking that having a baby at 35 weeks and me with gestational diabetes might not be such a good thing.

Thursday & Friday

Things have been quiet over here. I continue to lose whatever has regenerated of the mucus plug. I keep reminding myself that I lost it at 32 weeks with Julia and she wasn't born until five weeks later.

Speaking of my girl, we went to her school's Open House to meet with the teacher, find her desk and locker and drop off supplies. She was so excited and happy. Her teacher seems really sweet and I'm hoping she has a good first grade experience. I can't believe my baby girl is going into first grade! * sniff sniff * There are several children from her kindergarten class with her including a sweet little girl that really likes her, and two of the twins that live on our block (one of the boys of each pair).

Overall, I've just been taking it easy. My mom stopped by on Friday with the infant car seat and a box of infant clothes. We separated out the neutral onesies and sleep and play outfits which she washed for me. I finished the last of the organizing of my scrapbook and stamping closet. I'm so thrilled that I completed that and the horrible filing. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off of me.


I spent the day surfing the internet for slings and cloth diapers. There will be a Kids Exposition in Las Vegas during September and a friend of ours will be attending. He is going to try to pick up some items for me so I'm getting my list together. The baby's bedding arrived today. It's so cute! I can't wait to get it set up in Baby's room.

And speaking of that, Jeff took down all the shelving and reattached the tracks in the guestroom. Of course, it couldn't go easily. He ran into some difficulty when the screws seemed too short - they've always worked in every situation we've used them. Anyway, while he was gone at Home Depot, I was taking Julia up to bed and saw that he'd drilled through to the other side of the wall (the stairs going up)!!! I couldn't think of why until he got home and said, "Why would it have gone through the other wall?!" That's when I remembered our architect had needed to give us extra space for either the stairwell or the pantry and he specifically asked for the 2x4's to be turned on their sides so it would make the wall shorter. So now he has extra holes to patch tomorrow in addition to the ones in the baby's room. We had a couple of patched spots on the walls in the hallway that needed painting and the one spot in Julia's room so we'll get that done, too.

After tonight, I've officially made it to 36 weeks!!!

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