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Five Months
The Tip of the Iceberg

I think this has been my favorite age so far but I feel like we're just tapping into the good stuff. Adisyn is always learning something new and now we have more laughs and giggles to top it all off! She's really interested in her environment and loves to interact with everyone. She really loves to play with her toys! I love it that she really looks forward to seeing us and you can really see her personality coming through!

The biggest challenge this past month has been her nap schedule. She loves her morning nap which is about 9am and sleeps well, but after that she barely sleeps a wink. It's difficult to help regulate this myself because I try to get her on schedule on the weekend, which is like pulling teeth, but then my MIL goes back to letting her "cat nap" during the week so she doesn't get a full nap in during the afternoon. We've tried to talk to my MIL and I think it's possibly a little better, but to tell you the truth it's hard because I don't want her to think that we think she's doing everything wrong. We just want a good nap at about 3, that's all. When I get home in the evening, I feed Adisyn and she's so over tired sometimes she just wants to cry, sometimes not even wanting to eat! I am thankful that Adisyn is still sleeping really well from about 8pm to 6am when we wake her up. Still, I hope we get the nap situation under control!

Speaking of nap time, I realized even more so now that I'm raising a baby, that people can be so unwavering about their beliefs when it comes to raising a child. I'm all for doing what you believe in, but I just didn't realize there was so much controversy when it comes to this; breastfeeding or not, let the baby "cry it out" or not, attachment parenting or not, cloth diapers or not . . . and the list goes on and on. I've read some of the books that are out there as well and I've adopted some of their ideas. I think it's great to have your options out there and what works best for you. Sometimes I get intimidated that I might come across a mother who doesn't believe in some particular method we're using like we're raising our child incorrectly or something. But, I finally come to realize that we raise our daughter with love, as any parent does, and that's all that matters. I don't believe that one method is wrong or right, only that we use what we have learned works the best!

This past month I have been preparing for our vacation. I've been pumping on the weekends, so I can store some extra supply. My last journal I mentioned that we haven't officially decided what we were going to do. Mark and I talked about it and we're going to take Adisyn with us, along with his parents. I know this sounds crazy, but Mark said that we're going to put some rules in place. The vacation works out for all of us because we'll have Adisyn with us and his parents get to take a vacation and see their granddaughter as well, so they were very excited. We've decided that we'll let them know which days we'll need them to babysit and the other days they're on their own to enjoy their alone time. I'm glad that we decided on a great compromise so that everyone can enjoy their time. We'll actually be leaving the end of June through the 1st week of July and we can't wait!

Mark and I are really enjoying this parenting thing. It's amazing that I feel like we are growing closer together as a couple, but in a different way than we did before children. We have always been close and that's the thing I love the most about our relationship, that we're each other's best friend. Now, we're learning how to raise a child and agreeing on how to do something is such a great bonding experience. We really try to incorporate Adisyn in the things that we have always loved to do, with some modifications. Every day I count my blessings and I'm so thankful for him, our beautiful, healthy baby girl and our little angel in heaven. We really couldn't be more blessed! This father's day is such a special one and I am so grateful for Mark and he's such a wonderful father!


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