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Six Months
Family Vacation

Adisyn has grown and learned so much in her first 6 months of life. We are so proud of her and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. We love that she's able to interact with us and express herself more readily.

Now that Adisyn is 6 months old I looked back on half of a year of everything we have learned. Before Adisyn was born, we decided that my goal was to breastfeed for 6 months and at that time I'd evaluate how I felt about continuing on for another 6 months. Now that I reached that point, I don't want to stop! As I mentioned before, I love the health benefits of breastfeeding and it's quite a money saver! But, there is such a bond that I love because I breastfeed, it's almost addicting. I just really cherish the fact that I can provide her with so much nourishment, it's such an accomplishment. With that thought, I decided that I want to continue to nurse until she's a year old, which really is not that far away!

Since my last journal Adisyn has begun eating solids. We started with rice for a few weeks then we started with vegetables after Adisyn's 6 month appointment. She loves to eat "big girl" food and is so excited to be eating and trying new things.

Since she has begun eating, breastfeeding has been more of a challenge. It seems like she's not nursing as much during sessions so when I'm pumping at work, I'm not getting enough milk to support her growing needs. In turn, I had to increase the frequency of my pumping to increase the demand. I really felt inadequate and I was getting less milk than I have had for a long time. I was scared that I wouldn't have enough for her and my supply was diminishing. But, now that I'm waking to pump, I'm getting more milk during the day as well. It's still not as much as I would like, but it's moving in the right direction.

For July 4th me, Mark, Adisyn and my in-laws went on a week-long trip to Florida for an early anniversary trip for Mark and me. I wasn't sure how Adisyn would do for the 8 hour drive but she really did great. She loves to sleep in the car, so we were worried that she'd sleep the whole way. We took frequent breaks and she got a little tired of being in the car, but overall she did better than expected. When we were at the hotel she was a little unsure of sleeping in a strange place, but was able to get into the hang of things. We went swimming every day and she is really getting use to and liking the water. We had such a great time and it was perfect. We loved our family vacation!

This past month we finally found a local church, which we really like. We have tried out different churches, which was difficult because Mark works a lot of weekends. But, we really like the one we have been going to now and feel like we have a home. It has a lot of children in the church, which we really like so that Adisyn will be able to grow-up with a lot of the kids there. Our neighbor across the street goes there with their two boys and one of them is actually in the nursery with Adisyn. We also found a nice Sunday school class for 30-somethings with children. We enjoy the group and meeting new people with our same interest.

Speaking of people with the same interest, it finally hit me that we fit into the "parent" category. I realize that we've been parents now for almost two years, but it really hit us on a whole new level. We now can sit around, with other parents, and talk about children. Do you know how wonderful that feels? That sounds strange, but it's really surreal.

This past month, for the first time, Adisyn and I went to a playgroup. My friend, who has a little boy just two weeks younger than Adisyn, hosted the party. There were about 8 children in all and they ranged from 6 - 9 months. To sit, talk to other mothers, and watch Adisyn play with other children for the first time was moving. I'm so proud of her and so proud to be called her mother.

One thing I still notice and now I don't think it will ever change, but I am still more sentimental about everything. I try to take in every moment and really appreciate every aspect of this new role that we have taken on. I find myself still becoming anxious at times, overcome with emotion just wanting to do everything right. But, I try to realize that I know that I am doing a good job at the most important and wonderful job that exists which is motherhood. Part of my anxiety arises from not being able to be with Adisyn during the day when I'm working and the other part comes about because of our loss with Ada. My family is so much more valuable than ever before. Mark and I always had a close relationship but now, with Adisyn, we're that much closer and that much more complete. As Mark and I are settling in our role as parents, we are more and more amazed by our growing girl. We look forward to see what she is going to do day to day and we can't wait to see what she's going to do next.


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