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Seven Months
Our Little Olympian

We are such proud parents. We are amazed everyday of what Adisyn is learning and doing. As we watch the Olympics, it's hard not to be reminded of all the hopes and dreams that we have for Adisyn. I remember the point in our lives, after we lost Ada, in which we could not picture the future and we lost hope. Adisyn brings us so much hope for the future. I think about all of the parents of the athletes and how they too had hopes for their children and look at how far they have come. Adisyn has only surpassed all of our expectations already. She makes us so proud!

As Adisyn is getting older, we are thinking more about the future. For one, when will I stop breastfeeding or how will I feel when I do stop? Our original plan was 6 months, then we'd reassess how I felt. Now, we said 1 year. Not that I would go much over 1 year, but it's hard for me to picture an end to it. I realize I talk about breastfeeding in my journals A LOT but who knew how much a part of your life breastfeeding can be. I have to think about when, where and how I'm going to do it each day. Knowing that it is what gives her nourishment and is so healthy for her, how could I ever stop? It's addicting!

On the same subject Adisyn had her first weekend away from us. Mark and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary so we dropped her off at grandma and grandpa's (who live two hours away from us). This was more difficult that you'd think. It was hard enough to leave her for the first time, but truthfully that wasn't the hardest part. I was excited that my in-laws wanted to show her off to their friends and how much they prepared for her stay. Instead, the hardest part was insuring about her milk supply for the weekend. I've had people tell me "what's the big deal, give her formula," but since she has been having breast milk, why just throw in the towel and give her something different? Formula wasn't out of the question because I realized that if I couldn't get enough milk then I'd definitely give her some. But, for some reason, I felt like if I didn't try my hardest to supply her with enough breast milk then I was somehow giving up. Irrational . . . yes . . . but it is such an empowering feeling to be able to provide her with the nourishment that she needs. In the end, I was able to get enough milk together so she'd have enough even with my milk supply in question at times.

Adisyn had done really well trying new foods. We have been making our own baby food which doesn't take very long, is very healthy and saves us so much money! I can't believe how much food one sweet potato can provide! We've been getting adventurous with giving Adisyn new things to let her try an array of foods. We hope it will encourage her to try things when she's older too!

We are so blessed and proud of our little Olympian. She has accomplished so much so far and we can't wait to see what she will do next!


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