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Entry 6 - May 22, 2011
~ Moving Up!

I've noticed as I've been writing my TTC journal that other TTC journalist have come and gone. Now, it's my turn! I'm excited about moving up on the list to the Pregnancy Journals!! Let me tell you how the story began . . .

I went to my OB on day 21 for my blood test to look at my progesterone levels. When I got the results a few days later I found out that my progesterone was still low (at a 10) and they want it at least a 12. The good news was that it was higher than it was last month. For this reason they decided to increase my Clomid from 50mg to 100mg this month. When I asked the nurse if that meant that I didn't ovulate, she couldn't give me an answer. All she could tell me was that they like the progesterone levels to be higher. So, by the sounds of it, this month didn't look too promising either . . . but there was still hope.

As the month went on, according to my fertility calendar, I was supposed to have my period last week. But, for me, this was nothing new because for some reason it was predicting my period on day 33 and I was having my period any time between days 35 and 37 on the previous months. On Sunday I decided to take a pregnancy test first thing in the morning. I was thinking that if I took one on Sunday then I would have the whole day to get over the disappointment unlike taking it during the week in the morning before I go to work because then I have to deal with a negative result all day. When I took the test I was just preparing myself thinking that at least I would know that my period was coming that week. After all, I didn't have many expectations because the nurse already told me that my progesterone was still low. So, to my surprise, the test came back positive! I called Mark at work and told him the news. I felt so many emotions when I was talking to him; I was crying because I was happy but at the same time scared and in disbelief. I realize that I will feel much better about the situation when the doctor tells me I have a healthy baby.

Looking back on this month, I didn't really feel pregnant. I had some fatigue, especially when I was working out towards the end of the week, but that's nothing abnormal, as well as feeling bloated and some cramping. Still, I didn't think anything of any of this because these can also be normal period symptoms as well. Another thing is that for some reason Mark told me this month that he had a feeling that I was pregnant. I'm not sure how he knew or what made him say that, but he did!

I will let everyone know when I get the official word from my doctor. Until then I look forward to moving up on the list to at last to the pregnancy journals!


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