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Week 15
~ Another Step in the Right Direction

This week was very special for us - we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! Mark surprised me and brought me a beautiful summer flower arrangement to my work. Later that evening we went to a Mediterranean restaurant that we've never been to before. I love our anniversary because not only do I enjoy celebrating such a special occasion but it's the one day that we have to celebrate together.

Also this week we went to visit my sister, 10 year-old niece and my brother-in-law. My sister and her family are visiting her friend, who lives about 2 1/2 hours from us (which is much closer than the 16 hours or so away where my family lives), so we went to her friend's house to see her. I have gotten much closer to my sister since my first pregnancy. My sister is 9 years older than me so when we were growing up we always had a huge age difference. But, as you're older, there is no age difference. She is always the first one I call with a pregnancy question or concern. She had a very difficult time when we lost Ada and she was there for us every step of the way, even though she lives so far away. I love the bond that we have now. It was nice to see her and she got to check out my "baby bump".

I finally heard back on the blood results from the nuchal scan I had a few weeks ago. If you remember, I had the ultrasound, and then they did some blood work. The receptionist left a message on my voicemail this week to tell me blood test my results were negative (which was good) and that I have a 1 in 10,000 chance of the baby having Down syndrome. I know from talking with the doctors that they were scanning for any type of chromosomal abnormality because of Ada's history, Down syndrome being the most common. I didn't get to ask how specific questions about the results since it was a just a voicemail. As far as I know, if the baby had a type of chromosomal abnormality the test would have showed up something that would have sparked a red flag. It was such relief to hear that the test results came back good! It's just another step in the right direction!

This week I will have another ultrasound at the high risk doctor. I am hoping that after this week I will only have one more ultrasound (the anatomy ultrasound) with them and then they'll discharge me . . . that will definitely be one of the questions I will ask!

Until next week,

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