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Rebecca's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 21
~ Changing Seasons

The cooler weather is settling in. I'm originally from New England, but I have lived in the south now 13 years and I really don't like the cold weather. I guess I feel like now that I'm living in the south, then it should be warm all the time! Even though my body temperature is higher when you're pregnant, I still love the warm weather! But, on the other hand, a change in season means that we're getting closer to delivery! We're over half way there!

People are starting to notice now that I am pregnant. It seems that some days, depending on what I'm wearing, I hardly have a noticeable belly at all. On other days my stomach protrudes so much that it's obvious. It's strange to describe the feeling of a growing stomach emotionally because getting larger means that the baby is also growing. It feels like it's coming out of nowhere and you think "where did THAT come from?"

This week I went to my regular OB. There are five OBs in the office that actually deliver, so they try to get everyone to rotate through all of them. I finally had our favorite doctor this week, the one who delivered Ada. She has more of a connection with us because she also had a stillbirth, and when Ada was delivered, her genuine compassion comforted me. When we found out we were pregnant again and made our first trip to confirm the pregnancy to the doctor's office, she was there. Even though I didn't have an appointment with her, she came looking for me in the office and gave me a hug. I feel most comfortable with her and she takes a lot of time just talking to us. She was very optimistic and agreed that after next week's appointment with the high risk doctors, that she would be able to monitor me for the remainder of the pregnancy. Adisyn's heart rate was a strong 135 bpm and my doctor was happy to hear that I feel her often and she appears to be so powerful with her kicks! We found out that typically they induce labor at 38-39 weeks with patients with my history, but we'll find out more information as we get closer.

Overall, we felt reassured with the doctor's visit. This coming week we will be overcoming a big hurdle with the growth ultrasound and the echocardiogram at the high risk doctor, so we needed that reassurance. It was so uplifting to talk to the doctor knowing she was in the same situation as we are in now, so she knows our fears but is able to encourage us knowing that Adisyn is doing well.


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