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Rebecca's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 22
~ Back Again

This week I returned to my high risk doctor for another growth ultrasound and the echocardiogram. Adisyn's heart looked great, but she is still measuring small. Her growth, on average, is in the 15th percentile and anything above the 10th percentile is considered "normal". This means she's small, but within normal limits. Still, the high risk doctor wants to see me yet again, in another month. He says that he wants to monitor her growth to make sure she doesn't fall below the 10th percentile (Ada was measuring far below the 10th percentile at this point). I talked to him about having my regular OB monitor her growth instead but he fears that when the regular OB does an ultrasound and they see that she is still small, that they'll just refer me to him again and I'll be paying for an extra ultrasound. I know it's good that he still wants to keep an eye on her but at the same time it would make me feel so much better if he said that he doesn't see any reason for me to go back to him!

Another thing the doctor mentioned is that there's nothing that I am doing or could do to make her grow more. This made me feel better knowing that my diet and exercise wasn't a problem. I enjoy exercising and I do it almost every day, and I don't know how I would feel if I couldn't exercise, because it makes me feel so good and I know it benefits the baby.

These past couple of weeks I haven't been sleeping well. It seems like I can fall asleep but then I wake up sometime between 2am-4am every morning and I'm not able to go back to sleep. This makes my 10 hour work day a little tiring. I think this is because I feel when Adisyn is awake and I have become so conscious of her movement. She is so active and it is so comforting to feel her move! But, compared to my fatigue in the first trimester and what I'm going to feel like in my third trimester, I just want to appreciate how I feel now. I'm just grateful I have just enough energy to make it through the day and then gym right after work, because I know that may not be the case soon!

This coming week I am scheduled with regular OB, again, to discuss the plan for the remaining part of the pregnancy. I was hoping this plan would be that they would be the only ones monitoring me, but I hope I leave there feeling better about the situation. Overall, we are being very optimistic about her growth, we were just not expecting to go back to the high risk doctor, again. So it's disappointing but we're thankful that she's is looking good!

Until next week,

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