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Rebecca's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 23
~ Little Things Can Be a Big Deal

I'm still not sleeping but I'm getting pretty used to it. I looked back on some of my journals and I realized this must have been going on longer than I thought. I really enjoy writing these journals because I realize that there is going to be things throughout my pregnancy that I forget and it's such a great way to memorize the whole process!

I went to my regular OB this week and I told him about the sleeping situation. He suggested Benadryl (which will also help with my leg cramps), so I'm going to try it! Adisyn's heart rate was 158 BPM and I gained 5 more pounds, so we're right on track. I don't know why it's still hard to see the numbers on the scale go up, I know it's a good sign that she's growing but still hard to watch! The doctor did a fundal height measurement for the first time and I realize this is a big deal! With Ada, she never reached the stage where they could measure this, because we were sent to the high risk doctor from about 22 weeks on out. So, for us, this was a big deal!

The only other development this week is we have set a date for one of our baby showers. We plan on having two: one in Mark's hometown, where his parents live, and the other where we live now. Mark's mother was beyond excited to be planning the shower. This is also another big deal for us because we had our baby showers planned for Ada but we never got to make it to the date.

It seems like little things are a big deal for us. We are so excited to be at the point in the pregnancy where we are and it's moving along the way it should. It's such a big deal because it brings us hope that everything is going good! I know we hold onto some fear, as anyone would, but it's the little things that we appreciate which give us the encouragement we need!


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