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Rebecca's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 24
~ Out of Hiding

This week we started deciding on colors for the nursery and bought some decorations. For now, the nursery is half office and the other half is random baby things scattered throughout. We are going to need some help moving the office stuff to its new location, but it's nice to see baby things coming together. We also went with another couple (who are due the same day as us) to look at baby stuff together. It's so overwhelming knowing what to get, what's the best deal, what is more safe, efficient, or practical. I guess we'll just learn as we go!

Adisyn's kicks are getting more powerful by the day. I love to see Mark's face when he looks at my growing belly each day or feels her kicks, his smile and gentle touch means more than words can say. Some days I wake up because I feel like a foot is going to explode out of my stomach. It sounds strange, but I appreciate each and every one of her kicks and I treat each one like I never felt the one before it, each one being just as exciting as the last.

As my belly expands, so do people's comments. I've had more people comment on my belly this week than before and not even asking if I'm pregnant anymore, they just know. It's very strange how last week I went barely noticeable to this week where it's obvious. That means she's growing and has finally come out of hiding!


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