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Rebecca's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 26
~ Grape Stomping

Do you remember the I Love Lucy episode where they are stomping grapes? I feel like Adisyn is doing the same thing to my bladder! It makes me laugh to feel her throughout the day and it's also a great reminder that she's healthy!

I felt like I had a lot going on this week. I went to see the high risk doctor for the growth ultrasound. She is still measuring small, within the 25th percentile, which is still within normal range, but her abdomen is measuring smaller. For this reason, I'll have to go back to the high risk doctor in two weeks to check the size of her belly again, then I'll possibly have to see them every week after that to keep an eye on it. What this could mean is that she is not getting enough nutrients from the placenta and if they keep an eye on it every week then they can make sure she is still growing like she should. The doctor said that sometimes the belly is the first thing that they will notice is not growing when there's a placenta issue, so that's why they want to keep watching her. Some research suggests that eating a little extra protein might help increase a baby's belly size, according to my doctor, so I'm going to try that. The good news is that she has grown since the last ultrasound and is still within the normal percentile, except for the belly.

The next day I went to my regular OB for my three hour glucose test and for a regular appointment. My appointment wasn't until 1:15 pm, but after talking with the lab tech last week, she said that even though they don't usually do the 3 hour test that late, because you have to fast, that it would be ok for me to come in at that time because of my work schedule (but she told me to come in early if I could). I managed to get out of work earlier than I previously told them (at 11am instead of 1pm) so I wouldn't have to fast for as long. But, when I got there, a nurse told me that they don't take the 3 hours glucose test that late in the day (at this point it was 11am) and that I would just have to come back later just for my regular appointment. I told her the whole situation, which I was actually there earlier than I previously told them, and what I discussed this with the lab tech on the previous visit. She went to talk to that lab tech and decided that they were able to see me. One thing the nurse was worried about was that I'd be by myself during their lunch break, in case I passed out from the test. Luckily, Mark had the day off from work so he was there with me, and the nurse felt a lot better about that.

Come to find out, the 3 hour glucose test is like a game - best 2 out of 3. This means that if you pass 2 of them, then you win and you don't have gestational diabetes. I passed the first one by a long shot so I thought for sure that I'd be in the clear. But, I failed the second test by 2 points and the last one by 7 points. This meant I have Gestational Diabetes! I felt mad and upset at the same time! After not passing my 1 hour test last week, I thought about it a lot and it worried me because I didn't want something else to be concerned with about with this pregnancy. But, I came to terms with the fact that it's very common to have Gestational Diabetes and that I'd just have to modify my diet. Instead, though, they said they'll be referring me to an endocrinologist, I'll have to take a class on Gestational Diabetes, and I'll have to take my blood sugar 4 times a day. I thought this was something that they just sent you to a nutritionist for! Afterwards, when I looked it up online, it just made me mad. The information online mentioned that a nutritionist will talk to you about watching your sugar/carbohydrate intake and exercise. I feel like I do everything to try to be healthy and I do this every day anyway!

We immediately left on the road for Mark's parents' house, who live 2 hours away. We were both upset about the Gestational Diabetes and figuring out how I was going to fit an endocrinologist and a class into all of my other doctors' appointments. As our ride continued, though, our focus shifted as I started to feel the effects of the fasting. We left so quickly to get on the road, because we already were leaving much later than expected, and we planned on grabbing something quick to eat. At this point I haven't eaten in over 22 hours and we were only a couple minutes away from where we planned on stopping when I started to get extremely hot and then I was dripping sweat. I then took my heavy jacket off (it was about 40 degrees out), propped my legs on the dash board, put my seat back and turned up the air as high as possible (keep in mind that I'm very cold natured). We finally pulled up to Atlanta Bread and I sat down in a booth while Mark ordered. I felt sweat dripping down my back and my arms and legs were sweating so much that they were making the seat wet! When I began to eat, I was shaking! It was such a scary feeling!

We eventually made it to the baby shower and we were actually on time after all of that! Things like baby showers are so hard for me because I don't like to be the center of attention. I was so glad Mark was there and he was just as much of a part of it as I was. We were so appreciative of all of our gifts and it was just one more step that reminded me that we are getting closer to see a healthy baby girl!

The next day I went hiking with my friend as Mark and his friend went mountain biking. We both love mountain biking, but it's off-limits for the remainder of the pregnancy, so instead we go on paved trails together. I know Mark misses it so I'm glad he got to and I had a great time with my friend and my dogs!

Overall, this was a good week and that's how I have to look at it. It makes me laugh at all of Adisyn's episodes of grape stomping and remember that there is nothing else in this world that can describe the feeling that you have when you have a human being sharing your body - it just means she is growing well. Each day is just part of the journey with her that is bringing us closer to her birth day!


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