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Week 27
~ One Step Closer

It feels soooo good to say that I'm finally in the third trimester!! I am more assured and hopeful every day. This is such a huge milestone and even though it feels like it's been a rough road to get here - we are that much closer!!

This week I just felt so wiped out! I was sick over the weekend with a low-grade fever, sore throat and body aches, but I knew it probably wasn't the flu because I had a flu shot last month. My temperature went away Sunday night but I just felt so sore from sinus pressure and body aches that it made for a long week! My work was especially busy this week so when I finally got home, I was just wore out.

Exercise was a little challenging this week. It's always been so important to me not only myself but for the health of the baby. Even though I try to do something every day, I realized that when your body is telling you to relax, then that's what you have to do. When I got home from work on Monday, I just went to bed! I did my pre-natal yoga video on Tuesday, just to see if it would help with some of my overall soreness. A few days later in the week I managed to go to my kickboxing gym when I was fighting just some cold symptoms. By that time I was feeling a lot better and the gym seemed to help!

This week I went to the endocrinologist for my gestational diabetes class. A nurse showed us how to monitor our blood sugar and then a dietician instructed us on how many carbohydrates we need to have at each meal. I have mixed emotions on the whole diabetes thing. Mark and I both felt like the class was helpful and it showed me what I need to do. I realize that now (with GD) I'm eating less than I was before because I have to monitor my carbohydrate intake. I feel like I'm a pretty healthy eater, but now even some of the healthy things are off-limits or are very limited. I love fruits and I drink skim milk often and it's surprising how many carbs are in them! We only eat whole grain breads and pastas and now I have to cut my serving size to a cup, or 1 piece of bread, depending on how many carbs are in it! The only strange thing I found was that fat doesn't have any carbs, so they basically said you can eat as much as you want. To me, this sounded crazy, because Mark and I really try to use "good" fats, like extra virgin olive oil, but some of the girls in the class were so happy that they could still have their bacon with every meal!

Another thing they pointed out in the class is how important exercise is, and how it can control your blood sugar levels. This gives me even more reason to want to exercise every day. I wonder what my blood sugar would be like if I didn't exercise or why do people who don't exercise ever have any problems with this?! In all, I learned good information in the class. I found that monitoring my blood sugar is actually motivating, because my levels have been below the maximum value and it makes me think that I'm doing it right! Anything to make me and Adisyn healthier!

So as I enter my third trimester I am excited about the weeks ahead. I will be back to both OBs this week to see how Adisyn is growing and to plan out the next few weeks. I'm looking forward the new adventures in the weeks ahead!


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