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Week 30
~ Take a Deep Breath . . .

. . . and just relax! I'm finally at the 30 week mark and it feels so good! The further along that I deliver, the better, but it is so comforting knowing that it will be ok if I have to deliver early. I feel like another milestone has been reached.

I went to both the high risk doctor and my regular OB this week. I'm happy to report that Adisyn passed her BPP test within record time! Her heart rate at the OB was 132, my blood pressure was normal, and I gained 2 pounds since my last OB appointment 2 weeks ago. I asked my OB if they planned on inducing early or if I could go on my own. Come to find out it's up to my high risk doctors to decide when everything is going to happen because it's all dependent on Adisyn's size. If she continues to measure on the small size, they may need to deliver as soon as 37 weeks. Other than that, it's great that everything went so well!

I waited all week for Saturday. Mark and I woke up early to head off to my 3d/4d ultrasound. I actually won the ultrasound over the summer when we went to the big children's consignment sale. We were so excited and we've been waiting for this day for months! My mother, sister, and niece who live 18 hours away were able to see the whole thing live! It was so nice to be able to share that with them, because I know that they feel left out of everything and it really bothers them that they can't share this time with us. As we were looking at Adisyn on the screen, we were trying to determine who she looked like. She has the cutest nose and lips, which showed up so clearly on the screen. She was very active and we got such a good view of her face. We all loved it!

Later that day we had our baby shower. Mark's parents planned the whole thing and were in town. Everything turned out great and we were so appreciative of all of our friends that came. I had some friends that came from out-of-town and it really meant so much to us to see everyone and to have them support us!

Mark started painting Adisyn's room so we can get things ready to move in. For now, everything is in a big pile in the living room. I'm so excited to get everything up and organize. She received so many cute things that I can't wait to see them in her own space.

As far as pregnancy symptoms, I continue to have some pelvic pressure, especially at the end of the day. Come to find out, Adisyn's head is low in my pelvis and sits on my bladder, which explains the pressure. Other than that I'm enjoying this point in my pregnancy and I'm so glad that we can finally just relax.

Adisyn is doing great, and that's such a good feeling! We had such an exciting week and it makes everything so real! Adisyn will be here before we know it!


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