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Week 31
~ And the Countdown Begins!

Nine more weeks to go . . . As I had my weekly appointment at the high risk doctor I asked him what he thought that if it appeared that they'd let me go full-term or if they were going to induce early. With no clear answer, he basically said that I could go at 40 weeks, 39, or he's guessing more like 37 weeks . . . so I guess it's up in the air. It seems like it depends on how Adisyn is doing. I had a growth scan at this visit and even though she's growing and looks really healthy, her stomach is still measuring below the fifth percentile. But, the doctor didn't seem too concerned because it has grown since the previous visit. From now on, I will go to the doctors twice a week - once to the high risk doctor and once to my regular OB.

We had a nice Thanksgiving as we have so much to be thankful for. Mark had to work all day on Thanksgiving, but for the first time in 15 years he got the day after off! This gave me the opportunity to get some things done at home for my day off, so I could spend the weekend with him (he works three days on and three days off). Mark's brother, his wife and our niece came by for a visit and to bring us some left-overs from their meal, which was very nice and we didn't worry about cooking. As we look back, last year at this time was so difficult. We didn't know how we were going to get through the holidays and we really wanted to just be together. But, as we look at it this year, we miss Ada still so much, but feel so blessed that we are parents. We have to look forward to the upcoming weeks and soon we'll get to meet Adisyn!

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, I'm still having that lower pelvic pressure. In the middle of the night when I switch from one side to the other, I will hear a loud "pop". It seems to be worse when I first get up and at the end of the day. Overall, the pain isn't too bad. It just keeps reminding me that she's coming and that gets me excited!

The nursery is finally painted! We have been organizing all of the shower gifts and her birth is starting to become more real. We won't get the crib and everything else in the nursery yet because we are having new floors put in throughout the house. I feel like the pregnancy has gone by so slow, overall, but the past 10 weeks have gone a lot more quickly. I realize that people always tell you that "once she's born, you'll wish that you could be pregnant for longer," but I feel like it all is a little different to us. We have finally come to the realization that Adisyn is doing well, and we can just enjoy the pregnancy. But, at the same time, we really won't feel truly at ease until she is crying in our arms. Then, we'll have the normal things to worry about, but until then, we really want to meet her!


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