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Week 33
~ Along for the Ride

This week's doctors' appointments went well. Adisyn looked great! My blood pressure and weight was right on track, I gained another pound since last week. My regular Ob explained that Adisyn has an increased risk of Preeclampsia, because she is small, but they monitor my protein, which has been normal. This week will be another growth ultrasound and if her stomach is still below the fifth percentile, then that is the determining factor if they are going to induce at 37 weeks. In the past two growth ultrasounds her stomach has been below the fifth percentile mark, but my high risk doctor has said that her blood flow has been good, so she could have a growth spurt, we'll get to see this week!

As far as pregnancy symptoms good, I'm overall just feeling really good! I still have the pelvic pain and pressure when I walk, because her head is so low, and I'm a little slower, but it's really not bad. I notice this pain more at night when I change from side to side because it feels like being on one side stiffens up my hips, and then when I flip over, I don't realize how stiff they actually are. Even this is very tolerable. My Braxton-Hicks weren't as noticeable this week as I tried to drink even more water than normal, and that seemed to help. I am so anxious to meet her that I think I try to look at each symptom as a step closer, rather than a problem. This mind-set seems to be working so far . . . we'll see how I feel as she gets bigger!

Mark and I had a great date night this week. We try to have one every week, but sometimes they're just about grabbing something quick to eat or sometimes we just bring home a movie. This week, though, we went to see the Nutcracker Ballet. Mark surprised me that he's been planning this, but he was worried it wouldn't work out to be one of his days off and when he found out he had the day off, he bought the tickets. The ballet was great and it's fun to get all dressed up to go out. Mark and I started to realize that it won't be much longer and we'll no longer have these solo dates. We're trying to appreciate our alone time now. As we were sitting through the ballet where the music playing and people were clapping, Adisyn began getting really active! Mark had his hand on my knee and his elbow was against my belly and she kept kicking him. He turned to me and just smiled! It was a little reminder that we actually don't have "alone" time because she's always along for the ride!

It's such a unique sensation to be able to feel the baby moving inside of you. The joy we get from feeling her every morning and night is indescribable. I've noticed she hasn't been as active during the day as she was, I guess because there's just less room in there. It's been so hard to get out of bed in the morning for work because this is one of her more active times. Mark and I just lay there after the alarm goes off while he holds her and I think "why do I have to get up and interrupt this moment?" There are no words or emotions to describe Mark's smile every time he feels and sees by belly moving. I love these special times together!


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