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Week 37
~ Game Time!

The New Year has really started off with a bang! Over the weekend Mark's parents came by and we did some last-minute shopping for Adisyn. After they left I made sure that all the last minute essentials were done. I wanted to prepare for go time, if the doctor said so on my Tuesday appointment.

On Tuesday morning I went to the high risk doctor for my growth scan. Adisyn overall measurement was below the 10th percentile for the first time. Anything below the 10th percentile for growth is an automatic call for an induction which meant it's game time! The high risk doctor immediately called my regular OB to decide if I was going to go that night or early the next morning. She wanted to see me to check my cervix, which was 2-3 cm and I was 50% effaced. She stripped my membranes and then I went off to work for the rest of the day. I was scheduled for induction the next day, at 5 am.

During work I was feeling a lot more pressure in my back and my legs so I tried to sit as much as possible. Emotionally, I was trying to be strong. Reality hit that she was going to be here the next day and we're both really scared, more than I thought we'd be.

My next journal will finally be the birth story! I am excited to share my experience with you and I can't believe that our healthy baby girl will be in our arms tomorrow! What a great way to start off the New Year!


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