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Rebecca's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Weeks 5 & 6
~ Starting New

It's official! I went to my OB and was told that my due date is January 25th, just a day after Mark's birthday! So far, it seems like I'm feeling things earlier in this pregnancy, or I'm just more aware of them. I started having cramping on both sides of my stomach, much like I did with my first pregnancy, but I didn't notice them until later in the first trimester. When I started feeling them I was worried because they lasted most of the day, but I realized that this is a normal thing that comes with a pregnancy, and I don't want to worry about every little twinge I get. I haven't had the exhaustion hit yet, but I noticed that I do fatigue more easily when I'm working out. I'm starting to take things a little lighter than normal, at least for the first trimester.

I am realizing how each pregnancy can be so different, and I feel like that's a good thing. When I went to my OB, I had to fill out all my information all over again, like I was a new patient. When I asked them about this, they said that each pregnancy is different so they start out new again. Unfortunately, I was told I will be considered high risk, at least until I get the clear from the high risk OB. Still, I am feeling optimistic that this pregnancy is going to be healthy and normal. I know that I will worry at times, even more so because with what we've experienced. But, when we hear the good news that our baby is healthy, we will be beyond excited! Ada has a special place in our hearts and we look forward to sharing her story with her little brother or sister.

We've only told a few people about the pregnancy, so far. Last pregnancy we waited to tell everyone until after the first trimester, so we decided to do that again. This week we'll be traveling 10 hours to see my dad and we'll be telling him the news. I'm hoping my bladder survives the trip!

Thank you to everyone who supported me with my TTC journal and I hope you'll follow me with my pregnancy journal too!


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