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Entry 11 - February 28, 2014
A Trip to the Plumber

I really did feel optimistic about having a little extra help this last cycle. I was hoping the trigger shot would do the trick. I got my progesterone checked and on the day that I was to receive the results, AF came early. When the nurse called to tell me that my progesterone was lower than they'd like, she told me that if I was not pregnant this cycle than the doctor was recommending a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and I was to call and schedule that the day my cycle started. When I told her I was ready to schedule it, she was very surprised that AF was already here. However, much my dismay, she was.

The timing of everything with the RE is very specific and dependent on the day of your cycle. I have to get blood work on this day . . . injection on this day . . . and of course the HSG on a particular day of my cycle. What makes it so difficult is planning a work schedule around this. I don't want my co-workers to know exactly everything going on and, at the same time, I'm not one to miss work. The day of the HSG I was instructed to have someone bring me to the appointment because they don't like you to drive yourself home. Therefore we had to make it a family affair at the RE office! We picked Adisyn up from school a little early and then we all went together to the appointment because it was so late in the day. I was more nervous than I expected before the procedure. I think more of the anticipation came from not knowing what to expect and worrying why they were so concerned with me making sure I took the appropriate pain medication prior to the procedure. Sure, I got the handout on what the procedure entails but we all know when they say "this won't hurt a bit . . . " is usually misleading.

A HSG is basically a procedure they perform to make sure all of your plumbing (fallopian tubes) are working correctly and that they don't have any blockages in them. The RE was concerned that because we have been trying for some time now, that this could be the case. But really, he just wanted to rule out that there was a problem.

To me the test was very interesting. Mark and Adisyn weren't allowed to be in the room during the test because it involved x-rays, but they were able to come in to view the pictures afterwards. It was very exciting to everything working like it should. It's not too often you get to see your internal plumbing in person. Even though the test was uncomfortable, I could hear Adisyn on the other side of the door playing with Mark. Just hearing her voice calmed me and made me relax so that the procedure went more easily.

When it was all said and done, all of the plumbing was flowing perfectly. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that after the test, when the RE was explaining the next steps, he asked if I took any of my medication for this month (i.e. Clomid). Since he told me at my last appointment to take the month off (from the medication) when I was going to have the HSG, so I didn't take any. I was very disappointed when he asked because I wouldn't take a month off unless I was instructed to do so. What he suggested was that we change my medication, since progesterone was low and because Clomid wasn't successful. He also highly suggested that we consider an IUI for the next cycle. We're still not sure what to do next!


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