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Entry 12 - March 25, 2014
All the Eggs in One Basket

We officially decided: we're going to do one round of IUI. This was a big decision. The RE suggested this a year ago now. Once you decide on this, it goes pretty fast. We almost feel like we don't have the time to take it all in. I'm nervous, scared and excited at the same time. We got one shot and it puts so much pressure on the situation. We're praying it works!

Something else that I have been putting off mentioning (because I think I'm avoiding it in my mind) is that starting at the end of March, Mark is going to be in and out of town until July. I'm dreading him being out of town for weeks at a time. At the same time it also worries me and puts even more pressure on the situation. I don't know when he'll be home and if it where it would fit in the timing of my cycle. I'm so proud of Mark because this is a big deal for his company, so it's so hard to have these other feelings in the back of my head. We have so much dependency on the IUI that it just terrifies me.

In attempt to remain optimistic, we have begun discussing baby names again. I always like talking about it, but for a while now I haven't really been mentioning it. I think I was afraid to plan and get too excited. But I love talking about it! I also kinda mentioned the idea to Adisyn about the possibility of a little sister or brother. I thought it would be a good time to introduce her to the concept of a baby. I want to be excited about having another baby. I want to be able to talk about the fun things you get excited about. To me, being able to talk about it, as if I was pregnant, makes me feel more hopeful.

This week is very eventful with the IUI. As I prepare in the coming days for the procedure, I'm praying that this is going to happen! We are excited, hopeful and terrified at the same time. Adisyn has no idea what she's in for as her family is growing! We are praying that this is going to work!


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