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Entry 19 - November 1, 2014
The Story Begins


We had a great Halloween. Adisyn had so much fun and she loved her costume as Tinkerbell. She loves all princess things and dressing up. When we showed her the costume, wings and all, she was so excited! She actually got to wear the costume a few times since we went to a Fall Festival the weekend before. Then, for school, they did a Halloween Parade around the hospital that morning. Later that evening our new neighborhood had a tailgating/block party before trick-or-treating. We didn't actually go trick-or-treating because by this time she was worn out, but it was a fun day! And what girl doesn't want to dress up with a pretty dress?

The next day was a little more interesting, and it started like this . . .

Twas' the morning of All Saints' Day and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Adisyn and I were nestled snug in my bed when out of the blue came a tree through the house. I sprung to my feet with Adisyn in tow with fear that there was more of the tree to go . . .

It sounds like a story so it was fitting (and more comical) to begin this way. The reality of the story was that Mark was already off to work and Adisyn and I were just waking up in my bed. Adisyn was up most of the morning coughing from the drainage in her throat and she sleeps so much better when she snuggles up to me and I can elevate her head. As we were just waking up, a loud noise and when I looked to the right of my bed, a huge tree branch came through the roof. I sprang up worrying that there was more to come and to see what direction it was coming from. When I looked out the window, to my surprise, it also was snowing! We are in a pretty warm section of the south and even though it does snow here occasionally, it's fairly rare, especially this time of the year. To make it even more dramatic, the power was out! I called Mark at work and he immediately came home. As we tried to prevent more damage to our bedroom with the snow coming down so heavily and it was so windy that you could hear it from the inside!

When Mark came home and things seemed more under control, I've been trying to find the time to take a pregnancy test. I was at CD 38, but this was not unusual because I have gone this long before. And, knowing that my period has been sporadic since I haven't been on any medications, I expected AF any time. In fact, earlier in the week I noticed some very light spotting, so I figured she was imminent. But, since she didn't show up yet I thought I should just test, so I didn't get my hopes up. It was a pretty dramatic day and we were all home, so I thought I'd just give it a try. I then tested, by this time it was the middle of the day, and to tell you the truth I was afraid it was going to read "error" because I didn't think I had supplied enough of a "sample" on the stick. But, to my surprise, it read "pregnant". Yes, that's right (I had to look twice, or two or three times too!)

So the story begins, and what a story we will have to tell, about the day after Halloween. What a miracle that not only were we all safe, but we had rare, beautiful snow, and I now have a brand new life growing inside of me!


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