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Entry 7 - November 28, 2013
So Much to Be Thankful For

It's Thanksgiving Day and I thought it was an appropriate time to reflect on the progress and also our many blessings. Mark has been out of town through Thanksgiving and with our families both living out of town, it was just me and Adisyn at home. I appreciate that Mark and I both have careers, but Adisyn and I really missed him. Still, it was also nice to have extra days off from work and being able to spend them with Adisyn. We spent the day making crafts and we Skyped with my family. I love making homemade things for the grandparents and for us to hang up in the house. We are blessed; we have such a precious little girl, we enjoy our time together as a family, are growing together in our marriage and are taking on a new chapter as we prepare to expand our family again.

Since my last journal AF came as I predicted (sort of). We don't usually miss the timing like we did, but I guess it wasn't our month. I'm taking it as a sign that we needed a month to take a little "break", if you'd even call it that, as well as letting my body adjust to a non-Clomid state. AF came much later than it ever has. When I was 3 days late I decided to test and it was a BFN. When I still didn't have my period a few days later, I thought there was a chance I tested too early. I didn't have any symptoms either way. Then, 5 days late or so, AF came. I don't know if it's me, but it seems like it gets heavier and heavier each time. It wiped me out. It's hard when I knew our timing was off, but when AF is late I think there still might be a chance. I was disappointed even if I didn't have as much expectations.

Still, I'm thankful that I was able to ovulate without Clomid. I'm hoping my progesterone levels were high enough, but still confident that my body has regulated. I tell myself that when I have a heavy menstrual cycle, that it is just preparing my body for a healthy implantation in the weeks to come!

As I was rocking Adisyn on Thanksgiving night, I couldn't help but stop and just take in the moment. I love these moments. We have so much to be thankful for.


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