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Rebecca's Pregnancy Journal

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Rebecca's TTC journal.

Rebecca and Mark are the proud parents of Ada Noelle, who was stillborn on September 3, 2010 at 25 weeks, and Adisyn Hope (a StorkNet baby!), who was born healthy at 37 weeks on January 4, 2012. They have decided to add to their family and Rebecca chronicled her "trying to conceive" journey with us starting in August 2013. They have finally gotten a BFP and their new baby is due around July 2, 2015!

Join Rebecca as she takes us through her new pregnancy week by week.

Weeks 13 & 14
Big Sister Intuition

All along when we have asked Adisyn what she thought the baby was, without question she said it was a girl. We tried to explain to her that it could be a boy or a girl, so she wouldn't get disappointed if it wasn't a girl. When she's eating dinner, she takes her last bite and will say "this will make me a big sister." She is so excited about being a big sister that she talks about it all the time and it's so cute!

We had an ultrasound and Adisyn's intuition was right - it's a girl!! We are so excited and Adisyn was too! Right away we know her name and can call her by her name, it makes it that much more real! While they were doing the ultrasound Adisyn was very worried that they were hurting me and the baby. Adisyn loves to rub my tummy with lotion and she is so gentle! I guess she thought they were being too rough!

Adisyn turned 3 last weekend! We had a great weekend with her and her friend. She's such a big girl and we're so proud of her! She's going to make a great big sister!

I've been still having some symptoms on and off. I've been randomly vomiting, which is strange because I haven't been having the nausea like I use to. I've also been having strong, piercing headaches, which just come and go intermittently. The last symptom I've noticed over the past week is fatigue. I think I'm feeling back to my old self again then wham! I'll get so tired that I feel like I can't do anything the whole day!

We are all so excited that we're having a little girl. We have a special name for our little girl because she'll be named after my grandmother. My grandmother was so special to me and I was so close to her. Being able to have a little girl to name after her is so meaningful to us! We can't wait to meet her!


Weeks 15 & 16
What's In a Name?

We decided early on, maybe even before I found out I was pregnant, a girl's name. We went back and forth on a couple of ideas, but basically we were going to name her after my grandmother. It's funny how a name just feels so right to you. It's such a special feeling. I remember when we decided on Adisyn's name that it felt perfect. With Ada, we decided before I became pregnant that we wanted to name a girl after Mark's grandmother, and it just fit. My grandmother was so special to me and I was so close to her. I think she had the biggest influence on the person I am today. She taught me so many things that I didn't fully appreciate until I was an adult and especially since I became a mother myself. It is just a great feeling to be able to have a girl named in her honor.

So far, we are keeping the name a surprise, except for our immediate family. I thought it would be fun to announce it when she was born (if I can keep it a secret that long). If you remember my whole opinion on knowing the gender early on was very important to me. When we were pregnant for the first time we wanted to know the gender because of all the excitement we had. Then, when Ada passed away, we realized that was the only bond we had with her. So, with Adisyn we knew without a doubt, that we wanted to know the gender. We wanted to know "her" instead of "it" and she had a name. Now, we were so excited to know the gender and to announce our pregnancy at the same time. It's just so peaceful knowing "she's" growing inside of me!

I was very excited to be able to tell my mother the name we picked out, especially because she's named after her mother. If you remember, I mentioned that my mother has dementia. It's so sad to me hearing the dementia progress as I talk to her on the phone (since she lives so far away from me). I wanted to tell her the name right away, when we found out what we were having, but I knew that there was a chance she might forget. But instead she is very excited and mentions the name and how much she loves it every time I talk to her. I love that she can share in some of the anticipation!


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