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Weeks 11 & 12
Enjoying the Moment

It's hard to believe this year is almost over. So much has happened this year and so much is yet to come! We really enjoyed Christmas! Each year gets more and more exciting as Adisyn grows. I feel like I'm a kid again! She has so much excitement in her eyes that it's so moving knowing that we're making her memories and traditions now! I think about all the fun memories I had of Christmas growing up and to think that I get to experience that with her makes it so much more fun! Adisyn really takes the whole moment in and makes me realize that we should all slow things down a little bit. When it was time to open her gifts, she unwrapped each present and took each present out of its package and tried it and really enjoyed it before moving to the next present. In my mind of "go go go" all the time, my first reaction instinctively was "wow, this is going to take a while" but then I realized "WOW this IS going to take a while, and it's GREAT!" Instead of flying through each gift like it was a race to get to the next, we took our time, took plenty of pictures and really enjoyed the moment. It doesn't get any better than that!

I also celebrated my 35th birthday. I remember, when we first began TTC, that I was really worried about being 35 and pregnant, because I know they consider it "advanced maternal age" at this point and I really didn't want something else on my chart that they might consider me "high risk". So far, my age hasn't even been an issue, which is great!

Did I mention that Adisyn is very excited about being a big sister?! Now that she can officially tell everyone (not that she hasn't done so already), we've been talking about the whole baby thing a lot more. She went to the doctor's visit with Mark and me this past week. I wasn't sure what she would think of the ultrasound seeing that it doesn't actually look like a picture or a baby that she would recognize. So, on the way to the visit I told her what to expect. Adisyn sat patiently next to Mark as they prepared the ultrasound and then when the technician pointed out the baby, the arms, legs and face, Adisyn's face just glowed! It was such a special moment. She really did understand and was so excited! It made it so much more meaningful to her! She will hug my belly, give it kisses, cover it up gently and make sure she doesn't hurt it when she walks around me in bed. We decided to get her a big sister book and she loves it! There's a page in the story about how mommy gets an ultrasound and she makes the connection of when we went to see the baby. I love that we can share the experience as a family!

At my visit we found that the baby is doing very well and looked great on the nuchal translucency test. The baby is now a week ahead, so they changed my due date by more than a week (hence why I called the journal weeks 11-12). It was amazing to see the difference between our first ultrasound to this one seeing that it really looks like a baby! I also have been feeling little flutters at night. Thinking that it was all in my head I didn't think anything of it, but when they have been getting slightly more consistent I decided to look it up and saw that it's possible to begin feeling the baby kicks now, especially when it's not your first pregnancy.

As we enter the New Year and we have so much to come in this year, we just want to enjoy the moment. Sometimes you need little reminders to just slow down and take everything in. We have so many blessings and so many yet to come!


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