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Week 6
It's Official! There's a Baby in There!

There is truly a miracle growing in my belly. I am in awe of how much of a blessing this little human being really is, and I can't believe this is happening. After trying for so long and honestly thinking that there was a chance that I wouldn't be able to have another child it feels beyond amazing to be experiencing this again.

Both Mark and I are very excited. After my first ultrasound and we saw a tiny Buddha with a heartbeat, it really made it feel real. Mark is thrilled and it is so amazing to see. We were so apprehensive when I was pregnant with Adisyn that we didn't get to enjoy the pregnancy until towards the very end. We want to enjoy this pregnancy. Mark's eyes just light up and he has told so many people. It is real!

Throughout the past weeks I wondered if it was really there. How could it be? I didn't feel any of the pregnancy signs that they tell you about - not one. I think I looked for the signs - nausea, tenderness, fatigue, but I didn't have any.

Since I had a few weeks before my OB visit I called my RE to make sure I was taking all the necessary steps and medications that I needed to take. When I was under RE care, I was on medication but I went off everything for the past few months as we made our move to our new place in a new city. Fortunately, when I told the RE that I was pregnant, they monitored my HCG and progesterone until I had my OB appointment as well as called in the necessary medication for me. My HCG appeared to be going like up like it should, but then I got a call from the nurse. My HCG wasn't elevating as much as they would like. I just happened to be work when I read the email when she said that basically she wasn't sure if this was a viable pregnancy. I couldn't believe it. I was worrying that it all made sense, after all I wasn't feeling any of the symptoms at this stage of the pregnancy like I thought I should. I broke down and cried as I dialed my OB's number. I could barely talk. Thanks to my friend who convinced me that the numbers didn't make sense and was my calming voice in my head that mustered up enough strength to put a smile on my face as I continued my work.

My OB saw me during my lunch for an ultrasound. I saw all the happy pregnant women in the office and I was so worried. When I was called in the ultrasound tech was very compassionate and encouraging. She found the baby right away! She pointed out numerous times that there was a very strong heartbeat. A heartbeat!! I could listen to that over and over again. It was beautiful! In the end, it was determined that my due date was later than expected so my numbers would therefore be lower than what they were anticipating. I am due sometime in July!

We are enjoying this pregnancy. Even though we have a long road ahead of us, we want to be happy and excited, like normal parents are. We shared the news with Adisyn right away and we are hoping she understands the part about keeping this between mommy and daddy for now. She said she wants a little sister and I told her that we'll have to wait and see!


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