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Week 7
Let the Games Begin!

I had another visit with my new OB for my original checkup. This appointment was supposed to be my first visit, before they saw me for my emergency visit earlier for the ultrasound. I was very happy that my new OB is very nice and down-to-earth. It's hard when you move somewhere new and you have to get new doctors; you're not really sure what you're getting yourself into. I actually heard about this OB group from my new neighbor who just recently had a baby. I was actually leaning towards this group because they have early hours, they're in network for my insurance, they are within walking distance from my work and it's an all-female practice! So, when my neighbor could not recommend them any more highly, then I knew they were the right fit. She of course asked all the new patient questions and she asked about our stillbirth. I wasn't sure how she would treat this pregnancy, if she would call me "high risk" because of my age and past, but it wasn't an issue. It really made me feel good about how she treated the situation like I was a normal patient. Wow, I never felt that before!

As I kept telling myself that a symptom I might be having was just a coincidence and I was trying too hard to feel pregnant, I actually feel the symptoms creeping up on me. I slowly started feeling what I was describing as "car sick" feeling as they usually start when I'm in the car, but then I can't get rid of the feeling. Then, especially as the week went on, I've been getting very hungry! It's almost like I can eat everything and then after I do, I'm still not satisfied and feel hungry shortly after. The main problem with this is that my blood sugar feels like it drops so fast. I am going have to look at more snack options that I can use because even though I have them at work, they don't seem to last too long.

On one hand I am SO THANKFUL to be feeling like this again! But, I didn't realize how much it's affecting my time with Adisyn. Even though I think I actually am being hard on myself, when I have my one-on-one time with her, I am not very motivated to do much because I feel so weak. Even though she isn't noticing the difference because I am still playing with her, I'm noticing it. I also haven't been exercising the past two weeks (besides walking) because of this bronchitis I'm trying to get over. And, if you know me, exercising is a big deal to me. So, between my constant hunger and my bronchitis, I'm pretty much a blast to be around!

In all, I'm so excited that I'm feeling something. It makes it more real. We're ready to enjoy this pregnancy!


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