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Week 8
Working Its Magic

We had a great Thanksgiving! Mark had to work, but did get to come home for lunch so I put together a little Thanksgiving meal just for the 3 (or 4) of us. It was great! Even though we wish Mark had some time off on Thanksgiving and the following days, we are thankful that we could spend time as a family and we have jobs that we can support our growing family.

On Thanksgiving I decided that when I called my dad that I would tell him about the baby. I mentioned before that I am not very close to my dad, but he is my dad and I very much respect that. I did, however send my mom a home-made pregnancy announcement with an ultrasound picture on it that said "Arriving July 2015". My mother was recently diagnosed with dementia and she is only 67 years old, so I think it makes it that much harder. She is at a stage where she remembers everyone's name, but she lives far away from us and we don't see each other often. I have been noticing changes with her over the past two years and I actually called her doctor about it then. I noticed her flat affect and she will forget something after you just were talking to her about it in the previous sentence. She also isn't able to remember to take any of her medication and has forgotten how to get places that she's been 1,000 times. I wanted to surprise my mother with the announcement because she has been doing better with a new medication that she has been on, but I had to make the announcement obvious so she would understand. She was very excited when she got her mail and called me right away. I think what bothers me most about the diagnosis is that with us living so far away, and no one knows how fast the progression of the memory loss will be. I want her to remember and enjoy her grandchildren. We really don't know how much longer she'll be able to live on her own, and that scares me. So, for now, I'm glad that she got to experience surprise and excitement with her new grandchild!

There's not a lot of interesting information besides the same old blood sugar. My uncontrollable blood sugar leaves me unsatisfyingly hungry. It's not any fun to be hungry but not being able to really enjoy the food. I feel constantly hungry and if I let that feeling go even the slightest bit too long, then it's downhill from there . . . and fast. When my blood sugar gets so low I feel nauseous, lightheaded, the works. But, on the other hand, when I'm not feeling like this I think "is this all in my head?" How can I even know if everything is going like it should? I think I might be a little spoiled on the constant monitoring with Adisyn that I looked forward to weekly updates. And who wouldn't? It's so hard to tell anything is going on in these first few months. You can't feel any baby moving, you can't see your growing uterus, so you basically look and feel bloated hoping the whole thing is working its magic.

I've been establishing my work-out routine now that I'm coming to the surface and breaking a little bit out of my funk. I'm having a little more energy and just enough for me to think "I think I can make it" and when I finish my workout or bike ride I feel like me again! It's amazing how much exercise can make you feel better! It's very encouraging that I can get back into it because it's so much healthier than laying around and engorging myself. It's good to start feeling more like yourself again!


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