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Renee's Pregnancy Journal
Renee and Family
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Renee Allen's pregnancy journal.

Renee and her husband are the proud parents of five beautiful children. Her sixth child was due December 2, 2002 but made HIS debut November 25. Please join Renee as she takes us through her pregnancy as she achieves her dream of having six children and shares updates with us.

Renee's Journal Entries

Meet Renee!

Week 15
Preparing for Vacation

Week 16/17
On Vacation!

Week 18
Back From Vacation

Week 19
Getting Back Into Exercise

Week 20
Live and Learn

Week 21
Zooming Second Trimester

Week 22
Pregnancy is BEAUTIFUL!

Week 23
Swimming Head

Week 24
A New Light

Week 25
Sworn to Secrecy

Week 26
The Final Round

Week 27
Too Busy!

Week 28
Happy Birthday Party!

Week 29
No Complaints!

Week 30

Week 31
Feeling Great!

Week 32
Such Finesse

Week 33
Very Organized

Week 34

Week 35
My Body Is Preparing!

Week 36
A wondrous and exciting time!

Week 37
I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over!

Week 38
Not Much Longer

Birth Story
Meet Sweet Baby James!

Month One

Month Two

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