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Renee's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15 ~ June 13, 2002
~ Preparing for Vacation

It's my fifteenth week now, and I just love being in the blissful second trimester! It's the best. No sickness, no fatigue, not too big or uncomfortable! And I get to look forward to feeling the baby move pretty soon. I went to my OBGYN two days ago and all is well. My allergies have been insane and he keeps telling me not to take antihistamines yet, but he did give me another medication for my asthma that he said may alleviate some of the allergy irritation.

In addition, I decided to go off of dairy products this week to see if that would help my never-ending runny, stuffy nose. It took several days to kick in, but I'm really seeing an improvement -- YAY! (Sidenote -- I went off of dairy all of last year for this same allergy relief experimental purpose and got quite used to it, but once pregnant craved dairy like crazy, so thought it could be a clue that my body needed it and bought it up. But once I got my craving satisfied and my allergies went berserk, I had a hard time giving up the pizza and ice cream habit - it seems to be everywhere! But I really cracked down this week, tried to remember and stay focused and have done really well.)

We're about to leave (like in minutes) to go across the country from the west coast to the midwest. I've never been farther east than Utah by car (have flown to the east coast before), so this will be an adventure! (Not to mention trying to do it all with all of our children cooped up in the Suburban day after day travelling). But I've prepared the best I can and am once again grateful that I'm in my second trimester for a trip like this (3 weeks total). I'll see if I can find a computer to write journal entries in while I'm gone, but if not, I'll write you again when I get back!

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