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Week 16 ~ June 24, 2002
~ On Vacation!

Hello everyone! I'm still on my summer family vacation (we're in St. Louis right) and am staying with some friends now, so have computer access and can submit a journal entry this week after all. This is my first time to drive further east than Utah, so this has been a fun adventure (and we have two weeks left -- yay!)

I'm 16 weeks now, which just keeps getting better and better. Still no fatigue -- no aversions to any foods (not sure if that's a good thing -- and my allergies have subsided as we edged eastward a few days. I'm sleeping as comfortably as can be and the only pregnancy-related symptoms I've come across were a few leg positions in the car that gave me a leg cramp or two. But nothing that I couldn't shake out, which is nice. I remember getting leg cramps at night with past pregnancies where I'd have to get up, walk around (stomping as I went to hopefully get it all out) without much success.

The only other things I've noticed is that it's harder for me to carry my 2 1/2 year old for any length of time while walking around, so my daughter is getting quite used to riding up on daddy's shoulders when she can't keep up anymore. And I've become increasingly aware of my stomach getting rounder when I take a shower each morning. So I think when I return from my trip in a few weeks, I will be officially showing to others and not just be looking like I've gained a few pounds.

Some of you have written (thanks) and have asked for tips on how I go anywhere with all of my children and this trip has certainly given my husband and I lots of practice at it. The key I think is to try to keep the places you go as kid-friendly as possible, so they will enjoy it, and so they won't stand out quite as much. It's not always possible to find that perfect match, but it sure does help with the exhaustion factor we all get when the circumstances aren't ideal.

I hope I get a chance to write again for next week. Just a side-note to all of you who live where there are fire-flies -- Seeing fireflies when we got to Omaha, Nebraska (and in all the places since then) has been a highlight of our trip. None of us have ever seen them before and just played in the dark for about an hour that first night in amazement. I thought they only existed in the South, so it was a pleasant surprise to have. It's so great when the little things in life can bring so much joy!

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