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Week 18 ~ July 8, 2002
~ Back From Vacation

Hi everyone! Sorry to miss last week, but we were still on vacation and didn't have a computer nearby. But we got home late last night (still a shocker for us all after being gone for almost a month) and I checked the calendar and saw that I'm at 18 weeks now! Wow, I'm almost 1/2 way there!

The fun symptom that I've felt this past week (just gave it away with the "felt" clue) is movement inside of me! Sort of feels like hiccups or fluttering. At first I only felt it if I was REALLY still or if all was quiet. But now I can feel it throughout the day (like right now on the computer). I just love it!

I had a LOT of tightness in my shoulders and neck during our vacation and just couldn't loosen it up for long. I knew that my body was missing some exercise, but just couldn't fit it in throughout our trip. I did get to do some swimming at a few hotels and at our friends' home in St. Louis, but for the most part, we were driving or walking around (and I always had a bag to lug with a camera, pull-ups, etc.) So, I started out my week today by doing a Living Arts Yoga tape. It felt so great and boy am I tight! It was just a short 20 minute tape that I'm familiar with, but I have two more Pregnancy yoga tapes that are 45 and 60 minutes long that I haven't tried yet and plan to start doing this week. I just love the tension releases and energy that yoga gives. Next week I'll add in some cardio and strength work, but for this week, I'm just going to ease my body back into movement with yoga.

Just before we left on our trip, my OB had me get my AFP Screening test, but we left before the results were available. I'm really not that worried about it, but I just called him to see what the results were and he's not in right now, so I should get a call later on today. I go in for another appointment next week and am hoping he okays another sonogram, just because last time (12 weeks) it was too early to determine gender and I'm ALWAYS curious to find out early if I can.

Well, I'm off to unload the Suburban, do laundry, and get ourselves back into the swing of things (my girls have BIG plans to redecorate their bedroom). It sure was nice to come home to a clean home, but now to keep it that way -- always the challenge!

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