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Week 19 ~ July 14, 2002
~ Getting Back Into Exercise

Hi everyone -- I'm 19 weeks now and am doing just great! I got my results on the AFP screening. All is well there. I go see Dr. P on Tuesday and am going to ask if I can have another sonogram (just to get a possible glimpse at the gender). If not, I'll call my friend who is an ultrasound tech (have I mentioned her before?) and she'll take a peek for me. I'd just like to work it through my OB first so he can be aware of things if he sees the need.

I've been doing yoga videos each morning all week long and am finally loosening up my stiff body a bit. Feels so great. I started out with two short Living Arts videos that I love (Yoga for Stress Relief and P.M. Yoga), then tried the two pregnancy yoga videos that I bought long ago -- Yoga Mama (by Crunch Fitness) and Living Arts Pre-natal Yoga. I like both of them, but don't know if I'll use them much more until the end of my pregnancy. They both moved pretty slowly (understandably keeping the pace light for pregnancy), but both had their good points (Yoga Mama has really nice music and an upbeat attitude -- Pre-natal Yoga is very peaceful and informative). For now, I'm just going to use the information I learned from them on modification of usual yoga moves I've done before for altering moves on my regular yoga tapes. Today I did Ali MacGraw's Yoga, Mind, and Body tape. It's just beautiful and very invigorating, yet peaceful. I surprised myself by still being able to do some balance moves - ta da! smile

My OBGYN gave me the okay to do whatever workout videos I'd like as long as I feel fit enough to do them, and am not straining, hurting, or exhausting myself. I've read a few books on exercising during pregnancy to be aware of any things I should or shouldn't be doing (Expecting Fitness by Birgitta Gallo and Pregnancy Fitness by Fitness Magazine). I also like reading the Fit Pregnancy magazine. Makes me feel a little more attractive in my pregnant body.

Next week I think I'm going to alternate yoga days with cardio/strength days. I need to get my body used to moving a little quicker and stronger to work up some strength and stamina again. I have no desire to match my previous level of fitness, but my first trimester fatigue really got my body slowed down, and I think I'm ready to pick up the pace again.

As for eating -- I'm taking full advantage of the summer fruits -- aren't they just wonderful? I'm going to try to get myself to make more fresh salads too. Yesterday I made that one with chicken, grapes, toasted sesame seeds and a little mayo to mix it all together -- Have you ever tried it? It's wonderful. Another great and unusual one is cauliflower, bananas, chopped up dates, and a little mayo mixed with lemon juice. Sounds weird, but is super crunchy and tasty. I'm off to figure out what I have in my fridge to fix for tonight. Have a great week everyone!

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