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Renee's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20 ~ July 22, 2002
~ Live and Learn

Hello everyone -- I'm 20 weeks pregnant now -- so fun to be half way there! I went and saw Dr. P last week and he thinks I'm doing great. I told him that I feel the baby move all the time now and he said that I must be really perceptive because usually they're not this noticeable just yet. But when he went to hear the heartbeat, he said that he could feel the baby moving all over the place. Yep, I knew it! :) He said that I didn't actually "need" a sonogram, but if I was curious of the gender, to wait until our next visit (which he thought gave a greater indication at that stage) and he'll refer me for one. I'm really in no hurry, so that's fine with me.

I learned something new about pregnancy this past week. Near the end of my vacation, I ate lunch at my aunt's house before leaving. She insisted that I try her favorite sandwich -- Avocado, Tomato, and Alfalfa Sprouts on sprouted whole wheat bread. She told me that she and my late grandma used to order these at a sandwich shop and now she makes them herself all the time. I was game to not only experience what she and grandma had eaten, but to also discover a new healthy lunch option. It was very yummy -- everyone else opted for Peanut Butter and Jelly, then we got on the road. Within about 1/2 hour, I felt very nauseated and sick to my stomach. I never throw up easily, but I sure felt horrible. I tried to sleep and drank water to hopefully drown out the effects of whatever was bothering me -- wondering if it was something I'd eaten. We stopped along the Salt Flats and I could barely get out and walk. Eventually, I felt better, but wondered what had happened. Well, back to my learning something new this week, I was browsing through the Parents' "Expecting" magazine that I got at my doctor's office and there was a chart in there of foods you should avoid when pregnant because they can easily be contaminated and generate a food-born illness. Alfalfa Sprouts was on that list. I'd heard that of the rare meats and seafoods before, but not about Sprouts! Interesting, huh?

I've felt great this past week. I've been getting back into some of my cardio and strength-training workout videos. I found though that when I did more cardio (even though I was staying low impact, was drinking lots of water, and wasn't letting myself get out of breath) I was feeling completely lousy at the end of the workout. You know how usually a heart-pumping workout will leave you extra energized and fulfilled when you're done? Well, that wasn't happening. I felt fine doing the workout, but by the time I finished the cool-down stretch, I'd feel just awful. I did some online research and found that my problem was that I was working out on a completely empty stomach, which is fine when you're not pregnant because your body stops looking for carbohydrate stores to burn and goes right to the fat. But apparently when you are pregnant, your body resists burning fat and when you don't have any carbs to burn, it will be depleted. So the advice was if I wanted to work out, I needed to eat at least a little something that would digest easily (1/2 of an energy bar, 1/2 a banana, or something else that wouldn't make me sluggish or get cramps) then I'd feel better. So I tried it today and it made all the difference in the world! Live and learn, huh?

We're going camping up in the mountains with relatives Thursday through Saturday. I'm not that eager to sport my swimsuit at the lake amongst everyone, but I'll try to be brave! :)

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