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Week 21 ~ July 28, 2002
~ Zooming Second Trimester

These weeks just seem to be zooming by! Isn't that always the way with the second trimester? I can see a big difference though from week to week in the size of my growing tummy. And others are seeming to notice too. I've had more and more people come and ask if I'm pregnant lately, so it's pretty obvious now (past the time that people might suspect, but be afraid to ask in case I've just gained weight).

I had a cute reaction come from a sales clerk in Ross the other day. I was in there buying some new maternity shorts for my camping trip and a few nice things to wear to my 20th reunion next week (took me over 2 hours). I just had my oldest daughter and her friend with me. The sales clerk congratulated me on my pregnancy and asked me how many years I will have between my children (probably thinking that my daughter was my only child thus far). I told her that I have 5 children all together and this is my oldest and my youngest was almost 3 (as her eyes widened) -- that there was a 2 year span between the first 4 and a 3 year span between the last 2 and this one (if that's not a confusing bunch of numbers). She looked at me in amazement, then congratulated me again. It's kind of fun to get a surprised response from others at times.

Another cute conversation that I'll always remember was when I was in labor in the hospital last time. My two Labor & Delivery nurses were asking me questions as they filled out various forms (why they have to do all that during labor, I'll never understand). They were nice and fun to talk to, so I shouldn't complain. But when they asked for my childbirth history, I told them of the children we've had. Then they turned to my husband "All are with you?" He nodded. Then they teasingly joked with us, "Wow, all of your children with just one dad -- unheard of anymore -- that's amazing!"

We did go camping this past weekend and I appreciated the fact that the campground had a flushing toilet -- just one and the stall was so small that when you went to shut the door, your knees would knock the door back open. But I used it so many times that I was grateful that it wasn't a portable outhouse like I had the last time I went camping. I loved floating on the lake on my inflatable raft. The feeling of weightlessness in water while pregnant is just heavenly. I should have used the raft to sleep on at night though. I didn't bring our pads that I usually take camping because we just didn't have enough room to bring them. So we slept on the ground in the tent and boy did I feel it all night long. I was so happy to be back in our bed last night! If we go camping again this pregnancy, I'll be sure to MAKE room for those pads.

I continued to exercise this past week and was able to do some of my more advanced video tapes, which was really fun. I'm modifying the impact when it gets high and have lowered my step a notch for the step routines, but I'm able to move around a lot better than I was a few weeks ago which is just wonderful. I'm also experimenting with using the Stability Ball (some call it a Balance Ball or Fit Ball) to sit on for sitting upper body weight work or to modify ab or floor work and it feels really great. I read a few on-line articles about using the Stability Ball to prepare for labor and delivery (or to even use to help in labor). If anyone has experience with this, I'd love to hear from you.

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