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Week 22 ~ August 5, 2002
~ Pregnancy is Beautiful!

Pregnancy is just BEAUTIFUL!

I'm back from my much feared 20 year class reunion -- It was great! I've been fretting ever since I realized that my 20 year reunion was going to be in the midst of my pregnancy. I would have much rather showed up a year ago when I was all fit and trim. But that just wasn't to be the case, so I braced myself for arriving 5 months pregnant, found the cutest possible maternity clothes I could (I swear those pregnancy models must be 6 feet tall because nothing I ever try on looks like they do in ads), and arrived on Saturday with a smile on my face and a baby in my tummy smile. Once there I realized that it was the connections with friends from the past that was important, not what we looked like or what we were wearing. I went to school with many of these people from Kindergarten all the way through high school, so it was just a joy to see their faces, hear their voices, and let the memories flood back. There were two other pregnant women there (spouses of classmates) who couldn't believe that I had so many other children with the vivaciousness that I have. So that was wonderful to hear. And, when I told an old friend that I'd been anxious about coming pregnant, he replied, "No, I think that regency is just beautiful!" -- I'll remember that forever.

This was another week of feeling great. The only difference or glitch that I've noticed is some occasional leg cramps. Usually I get them in the morning when I wake up and stretch without thinking, then OUCH! But yesterday I even got a few while just sitting down. So last night I started taking some Calcium Carbonate again and hope that that helps like it did last pregnancy.

There's only a month left of summer vacation and I'm feeling like I should use it to plan and prepare for my Christmas holiday season. Once school starts, things will get busier. The fall season always zooms by with all of the holidays and events surrounding them. So I've got to plan what gifts to get or make for family, relatives, teachers, and friends. Any ideas? I'm thinking that since I buy peaches and apples by the lug late every summer, it could be fun to can or freeze some apple pie and peach pie filling. Then I'd have the jars for teacher and friend gifts and the frozen bags for easy pie making for neighbors. Gotta take advantage of my second trimester energy! I'll probably do the bulk of my shopping on-line -- so much easier than trying to find what I want in stores since we live in a rural area. Every year, I promise myself that I'll cut back on how much I give my children, then I don't. But this year just may be the break-through year since I highly doubt I'll be out in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping after Thanksgiving. And the wrapping? Maybe I'll give my daughters some tips on neater wrapping techniques and let them do most of it. My grandma used to have me do all of her wrapping when I was young and I just loved it. Forgive me for planning ahead out loud here, but I feel like if I don't think this through now, before I know it, it will be too late to fit it all in without adding chaos to my life. Can you tell this is spoken from experience? smile

Hope you are all enjoying your pregnancies!

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