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Week 23 ~ August 12, 2002
~ Swimming Head

My head is swimming with so many thoughts right now that I can't even think of what has happened the past week. I do know that more and more people have noticed that I am pregnant (pretty hard NOT to tell at this point smile). It's much more fun to talk about being due in less than four months than it was at the very beginning when December seemed soooooooooooooo far away. Well, it still seems pretty far away, but a little more approachable.

Back to my swimming head, my husband has just been offered a tempting job (while his current employer has been making unpredictable changes in the past year) several hours away from here. We're driving there tomorrow to check out the specifics, see the housing market, etc. It should be exciting, but it's just putting my thoughts in a whirlwind because it's happening so fast and I like to PLAN AHEAD! With five children, a big move won't be easy -- dealing with changes right when they are looking forward to school starting -- but it could be positive for everyone too. I'd just rather not move in the middle of a pregnancy, have time to stay here with my current OB, who's delivered my last two children. But then again, moving with a new baby would be harder than moving pregnant. I guess we'll have to discuss the time frame when we get there tomorrow, if we are indeed interested in making this change. Hmmmph! Lots of work to do if we do go ahead with it.

We moved into this house in the middle of my last pregnancy. It was just 10 miles from our last home, but meant a school change and our first time figuring out how to buy a house. We didn't use any realtors, so my second trimester was consumed with finding a mortgage and accomplishing all of the tasks involved in buying a home. The nice thing was that those three months just flew by without me even realizing it. And we were in a bigger, nicer home all settled by the time our new baby came. So I guess there are blessings in moving mid-pregnancy. I didn't have to leave my doctor though. Not that I'm afraid of having another doctor deliver my baby -- I've had all different OB's for my first three children. But it would just be nice to continue on the path I set out to with this pregnancy. What is it that Ursula says in "The Little Mermaid?" "Life's full of tough choices, isn't it?" (Not that I look to Ursula for my life's wisdom smile).

Other than that, I'm feeling great. I've been continuing with my video workouts -- lowering the impact on the cardio and making modifications as needed with the strength training. I tested myself to see if I had Diastasis Recti (the split of the abdominal wall muscles) that is common in pregnancy and I don't have it -- so I'm able to continue with my abdominal exercises, which is great, because I sure can use those strong abs to help with my weakening back and with labor and delivery.

I've been going at my Christmas shopping with a vengeance this past week and pretty much have it all done. I'm so excited! I'm just saving the Santa gifts till closer to Christmas (my children have been known to change their minds last minute). And I bought some lugs of apples and peaches to start canning for smaller gifts. The blackberries should be ripening pretty soon too, so I plan to make some jam or pie filling when they're ready too. I used to think that canning was such a huge, monstrous task, but once I tried it, it's really pretty fun -- makes a big mess, but it's a lot of fun. The jars won't be easy to pack if we do indeed move, but at least I'll have that ready for Christmas giving, right?

I go to Dr. P on Thursday and he said last time that he'd order a sonogram this time. I always love seeing the baby in motion and am hoping to get an idea of the gender. I'll keep you posted!

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